OFFENBLENDE:Kathleen für Vogue Portugal

OFFENBLENDE:Kathleen für Vogue Portugal


Out of the void. It is exactly how we want to be in a year (less time if possible). We don't want to be missing something. We want everything. We want the possible and the impossible. We want a color world, finally.

Client Vogue Portugal
Post Production Fabian Bien
Styling Juliana Eckhart
Model Oluwatoniloba Dreher-Adenuga
Photographer Kathleen

‘OFF VOID’ – model Oluwatoniloba Dreher-Adenuga in VOGUE PORTUGAL, staged in black & white by Kathleen c/o OFFENBLENDE in Rügen

Out of the void. Is exactly where we want to be in a year (in less time if possible). We don’t want to miss anything. We want everything. We want what’s possible and impossible. We want a colorful world, finally…

At the end of August, VOGUE PORTUGAL published the spread ‘OFF VOID’ by Berlin-based OFFENBLENDE photographer Kathleen. It was produced on the island of Rügen with model Oluwatoniloba Dreher-Adenuga, stylist Juliana Eckhart and Sven...

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