Mick Rock and Fin DAC Present Midaro at West-Contemporary-Editions

Mick Rock and Fin DAC Present Midaro at West-Contemporary-Editions


MIDARO - ONLINE EXHIBITION AND PRINT RELEASE. Mick Rock x Fin DAC – Legendary photographer teams up with international street art innovator for a highly anticipated project titled ‘MIDARO’ -   West Contemporary are proud to announce the artistic collision of two of the international art market’s most influential working names, Mick Rock and Fin DAC. This will be a first ever collaboration for the two leaders of their chosen media. Combining their decades-long honing of their respective crafts of photography and painting, both artists have an unprecedented demand that makes this marriage of art a particularly poignant partnership.  Separately enjoying a loyal global following and with available works being such a rarity, this fusion allows for collectors and enthusiasts to finally see a much requested link-up that will produce coveted artworks as the first major open release of the year for both artists. https://www.west-contemporary-editions.com

Artist Fin DAC
Celebrity Fin DAC and Mick Rock Midaro (Mick Rock 2021)
Press Beverley Luckings
Photographer Mick Rock ( © Mick Rock 2021/Midaro)
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