ANATOL GOTTFRIED: "Awaiting" for the Peak Surf House

ANATOL GOTTFRIED: "Awaiting" for the Peak Surf House


Beautifully narrated story about that wonderful tense moment while awaiting for the next surf.

Model Babette de Koning
Model Diogo
Photographer Anatol Gottfried

ANATOL GOTTFRIED photographs the AUDI A3 Sportback for DDB Spain in Barcelona and explores the Atlantic coast in Portugal together with The Peak Surf House

Anatol loves the elements, just as much as he loves contrasts and lives for fragments. In his new project, which captures the dynamic and young character of the newest AUDI A3 Sportback, he staged the vehicle in a fresh urban environment.

The selection of authentic models underscores the idea. The job, commissioned by DDB Spain, took place in sun-drenched Barcelona, where the team produced six key visuals plus a total of fourteen side shots....

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