Heinrich Heidersberger Light Harmonies. Die Rhythmogramme

Heinrich Heidersberger Light Harmonies. Die Rhythmogramme

Photographer 2014 bpk - Bildagentur für Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte, Berlin / Heinrich Heidersberger
Publisher Hatje Cantz Verlag, Meike Gatermann

Heinrich Heidersberger Light Harmonies. The Rhythmograms. Luminous rhythmograms situated somewhere between mechanical drawing and photography

The rhythmograms by Heinrich Heidersberger (1906–2006) are complex curved compositions of pure light that weave abstract figures, organisms, and spaces. Heinrich Heidersberger created these intricate light patterns during the fifties and sixties, capturing the invisible and elusive worlds of time and motion in a single frame. He drew the rhythmograms using an enormous deconstructed photographic machine of his own design. Outfitted not with a...

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