KELLY KELLERHOFF REPRESENTS! Delia Baum free work "Candyshop"

KELLY KELLERHOFF REPRESENTS! Delia Baum free work "Candyshop"

Styling Editha
Make-up Sutida Vestewig
Photographer Delia Baum c/o Kelly Kellerhoff represents!
Retusche Wagnerchic

Ballet dancer/contemporary dancer Laura Kokinova, welcome to the candy shop - Kids & Sweets and a trip to the lake – with portraits by Delia Baum c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF

In Berlin, Delia c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF photographed ballerina Laura Kokinova against an impressive architectural backdrop from yesteryear – the 'Pallasseum'. Whether modern living or a social flashpoint, the apartment complex on Pallasstraße in Berlin-Schöneberg has been a subject of controversy since its construction in the seventies. For the dancer portrait, the building served as the perfect background.

Welcome to the Candy Shop! Delia...

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