Kim KEEVER for PHOTO DOSE / Jung von Matt

Kim KEEVER for PHOTO DOSE / Jung von Matt

Client Photo Dose – Shop for premium photo equipment
Usage Above and under water campaign
Advertising Agency Jung von Matt/Elbe, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, Jan Rexhausen
Art Director Michael Hess, Juliana Paracencio
Copywriter Frank Seiler, Luiz Vicente Simões
Photographer Kim Keever

GoSee loves .... the abstract underwater worlds of Kim Keever as an exhibition including a catalogue by Waterhouse & Dodd Above, New York as well as commercial use for Jung von Matt, Hamburg

The creative forces from Jung von Matt, once again demonstrate the fact that art and commerce can be close friends and can draw out the best in each other. The creatives commissioned underwater artist Kim KEEVER for the campaign of their client PHOTO DOSE, who sells photo equipment. With the slogan ‘Perfect pictures. Above and under water’, the shop advertises its underwater cameras. The results are beautiful landscapes. It’s only on closer...

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