Client BUNTE
Production Anke Koppe
Copywriter Sandra Heumann
Post Production Andreas Doria
Styling Inka Moll
Celebrity Pia Stutzenstein
Location Cobra 11 / Actionconcept
Photographer Philipp Rathmer

PHILIPP RATHMER : portrays ‘Alarm for Cobra 11’ commissioner Pia Stutzenstein in action for BUNTE

“Alarm for Cobra 11” star Pia Stutzenstein was staged by PHILIPP RATHMER for BUNTE in action-packed scenes. The new commissioner of the RTL series speaks in the BUNTE interview about her role, bold fashion and plans for the future. “I’d love to do all of my stunts myself,” the actress tells the magazine. Since season 25, Pia Stutzenstein is the new partner at the side of Erdogan Atalay in the RTL series.

The athletic beauty was photographed in...

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