Sigalit Landau 'Salt Years' / Hatje Cantz Publishers

Sigalit Landau 'Salt Years' / Hatje Cantz Publishers

Artist Handmade corset coated in salt crystals
Photographer © Yotam From
PUBLISHER Hatje Cantz Verlag

GoSee Book Tip : Sigalit Landau 'Salt Years', the Israeli artist uses the Dead Sea as a source of inspiration and sees it as her lab for immersing everyday objects in a saline bath – the exhibition at Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau uses the world’s saltiest sea as her laboratory. Everyday objects are “baptized” by immersing them in the Dead Sea for months. Completely covered in salt, they obtain a hypnotizing effect. The transience of objects is transposed into the poetic aura of crystalline permanence.

In this form, issues of female identity and bodily experience, the shadows of the Holocaust, the tense political situation in Israel as...

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