Silja Yvette 'Collective Creatures' / Hatje Cantz Publishers

Silja Yvette 'Collective Creatures' / Hatje Cantz Publishers

Photographer Silja Yvette
PUBLISHER Hatje Cantz Verlag

GoSee Loves : Silja Yvette 'Collective Creatures' – the new book by the artist on the effects of mass and energy in space and time, appearing at Hatje Cantz

What at first glance seems like a hodgepodge of non-matching photographic observations reveals its entire beauty upon repeated viewing. This is how we felt about the predecessor 'SEASON OF ADMIN' in the editorial office, which appeared at Kerber Publishing in early 2018. With 'Collective Creatures', Hatje Cantz is now publishing the new illustrated book by Silja Yvette. And the photos slowly cast a spell on us again. The cover alone makes you...

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