Trent Parke 'CRIMSON LINE'

Trent Parke 'CRIMSON LINE'

Photographer Trent Parke / Magnum
PUBLISHER Stanley / Barker

GoSee Book Tip : ‘CRIMSON LINE’ by Magnum photographer Trent Parke, presents the negative effects of industry in breathtaking observations in the sky, appearing at Stanley / Barker

The project ‘Crimson Line’ is a visual meditation about the negative effects of industry on climate change. Unbelievable colors in the sky during the first minutes of sunrise were photographed in the industrial landscape outside of Adelaide, the home of Trent Parke. STANLEY / BARKER is now bringing out the project by the first Australian Magnum photographer as a book. Plus, there is a special edition of 30 including a high-end print which is...

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