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news BMW PROACTIVE CARE - photographed with style and plenty of humor by Clemens Ascher, produced by IMAGE NATION S.L. for Mediamonks

Spanish production company IMAGE NATION S.L. supported the shoot for BMW PROACTIVE CARE with photographer Clemens Ascher. The Austrian visual artist is known above all for his conceptual, staged photography as well as his photorealistic collages. Which made him the perfect choice for the unusual transportation project on commission for the digital production company Mediamonks. Created together with IMAGE NATION was an eye-catching photo series in strikingly vivid colors, in which style and humor play a decisive role.

BMW PROACTIVE CARE uses data-based technology to identify when a car requires service. The customer can be directly contacted and, wherever possible, helped remotely or a necessary visit to the repair shop can be efficiently and easily conducted.

IMAGE NATION is a producer team from Spain, Germany, France, and New Zealand which provides production services in southern Europe. “We also work around the globe upon request. From the country of ham, garlic, olive oil and the...

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