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Over 15,000 creatives from all over the world have already signed up to our free CREATIVE LISTING. GoSee goes beyond being a B2B PR-Service. GoSee is a unique community of top creatives, attracting far more creative enthusiasts than those in the advertising industry alone. GoSee sets visual benchmarks and forecasts international trends.

We ensure that our Premium Members’ artwork and NEWS is seen by creatives all over the world, by not just relying on our free NEWSLETTER subscription but also by working closely together with the world’s leading creative industry address providers.

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The GoSee editorial board works on an independent basis and currently supervises around 650 clients. GoSee was founded in 1997, making it the oldest and most established service in the industry.

We recommend 6-8 published pieces per year to our PREMIUM members, so as to help establish their own name within industry.

GoSee is a PR office – we do not operate as an agent or job supplier.

“It is our goal to collaborate with our individual members to strengthen their presence within the market and to raise their profile amongst decision makers. We strive to do this in as creative a way as possible in keeping with our exceptional GoSee spirit that says no to boredom.”

The annual membership is all-inclusive; there are no extra charges for editorial work, photo editing, translating etc.



GoSee Membership rates start from as little as 25 Euro per month – making it clearly cheaper than most bottles of bubbly, various go and sees – or eating out with clients. Lest we forget the legendary range of our readership and that GoSee also takes care of your artwork, organising and archiving it perfectly, presenting it to the world’s top creatives 24/7.


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„From my two posted news I got five job requests - so quite a cool feedback. Wonderful work you and your team do, I really appreciate! Looking forward to post more news.“ Sébastien Staub, Automotive Photographer, Switzerland

"Thank you very much for your wonderful newsletter. This compliment, of course, also goes out to all of the creative artists & their clients, without whom it would never have been possible to transport all the elegance, desire, freedom, and colorful joie de vivre, … basically: visualized emotion & inspiration, directly onto the screen in my office. THANK YOU for that!" Nicole Gronemeier, Ass. Dr. Michael Müller, Director Global CRM, Douglas Perfumery GmbH

"Great coverage, thank you so much for all those wonderful interviews with the Executive Jury. I am so happy that you were able to attend the press lounge. Hopefully next year, you can come to the show and cocktail party as well." Gayle Seminara Mandel, Director of PR, New York Festivals

"The mission of 15 Degrees is to create lift. And that is exactly what GoSee does, for members and for readers. We at 15 Degrees are fans." Fionna Duffy, Art Director, Fifteen Degrees, NYC

"GoSee has the ideal mix when it comes to fashion, art and high-end photography." Angelika Müller, Publisher FLAIR Germany

"I've been reading your GoSee News for years now. I naturally tend to stick to the editorial work, but I always scroll through everything, pick up inspiration and trends, or look for talents I don't know yet. Particularly appealing to me is the unusual or things I would have otherwise never seen." Frances Uckermann, former Art Director, STERN

"It's good to be kept in the loop and up-to-date by GoSee, plus I really enjoy the personal contact. Thank you for being there." Femke Groot, Art Producer, Amsterdam

"Thanks for the great newsletter." Thomas Kanofsky, Creative Director, Lowe GGH/Interpublic

"I love GoSee, it’s been very useful for us at Razorfish." Preethi Mariappan Executive Creative Director at Razorfish Germany

"GoSee is a good source of information. Easy to navigate and looks great on my screen... I love it." Ziad Ghanem, Fashion Designer, London

"I love GoSee!!! Great work!" Stephanie Pfriender Stylander

"Here at Saatchi & Saatchi, we help our clients develop their products and services into a lovemark. If one takes a brand away from a consumer, they will replace it. If one takes away their lovemark, they will protest. There are two important components: love and respect. On this note, GoSee is my lovemark amongst the industry’s newsletter." Michael M. Maschke, Head of Creative Services, Saatchi & Saatchi

"The GoSee website keeps me up to date with who is producing what, where in the world. It informs me of which photographers, illustrators and post-production companies are currently the most sought after. I feel GoSee has a consistently committed approach to communicating information with its readers.I value this highly and it keeps me coming back for more." Olaf Reys, ECD VONDERSTEINREYS, Düsseldorf

"The GoSee team seems to get it right all the time: they somehow manage to be everywhere, to see and hear everything and then to share it well. And they get it right in the mix of the way they share it: with enthusiasm, depth and diversity. For me they have become an essential key ingredient of the glue that holds the news flow about our kaleidoscopic business together." Steffen Gentis, BBDO, Germany

"I always enjoy reading your GoSee news… it‘s already well done and informative. Thanks again for your article...lots of people were calling." Donald Schneider, Donald Schneider Studio Paris

"Dear GoSee team, thank you very much for the great newsletter! I look forward to it every time." Elias Gröb, Photo Editor ICON, Die STILISTEN, WELT am Sonntag, Die WELT

"Many, many thanks for the great job you do. I have been following your news for years and still look forward to each issue." Bettina Tetens, Art Buying, Saatchi & Saatchi Deutschland

"Thank you very much for your lovely article on our designer Dirk Biotto and his kitchen. The media response to GoSee was tremendous. From magazines such a Elle to various international designer magazines, our telephone would not stop ringing, and the resulting publications were absolutely great." Isabel Bernheimer, Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin.

"The GoSee newsletter is a true enrichment – one glance and I am always up to date on the latest campaigns and creatives. When on the look out for new photographers and agencies, I like to gain inspiration from the site and their beautifully produced BOOKLET magazine." Annette Kreuels, PR Manager, LANCÔME Paris

"Congratulations on the quality of your website and newsletters, which are very well made and more importantly, highly appealing." Bertrand Boucquey, Modechef, FHM EMAP France SAS

"One of the world’s ten best newsletters." Bild am Sonntag, Germany’s most printed Sunday paper

"GoSee provides me with a comprehensive overview of all top productions – very inspiring and always up to date." Alexander Reiss, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi, Düsseldorf

"I find things on GoSee that I didn’t even know I was looking for." André Aimaq, GF/CD, Aimaq von Lobenstein