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news | featured by SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT : Out of Proportion – Erwin Wurm c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management photographs and talks with architect Peter Marino; see & read it in INTERVIEW magazine

Erwin Wurm Is Always Blowing Everything Out of Proportion – By Peter Marino

“Erwin Wurm does not make art for the aloof aesthete. When encountering a sculpture by the 66-year-old Austrian artist, the “viewer” might be asked to put her head in a box, shove pencils up her nose, stand in a bucket with another bucket over her head, or lie horizontally counterbalanced on two stools; and while doing so, think about the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, or enjoy a minute of silence, or stare out at a distant sea. These and other instructional activities have been a part of Wurm’s ongoing series of “One Minute Sculptures”, developed in the late 1980s, in which, for the length of 60 seconds, the artwork and viewer meld – in a sense activating each other to create an original and paradoxical masterpiece.

Some might find these sculptural performances amusing, but just as many find them profound, meditative, or indicative of the lengths a human is willing to go to make a connection. Wurm’s penchant...

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