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STEFFEN JAHN : WE DRIVE NYC – taking a ride with the PORSCHE 356 through New York City on commission for C3 and Porsche AG

STEFFEN JAHN reenacted the first drive of a Porsche in America with the PORSCHE 356 – the first production model built by Porsche back in 1948. After landing in the port of Brooklyn and going ashore, it made its way over the Queensboro Bridge to Manhattan, directly to the former showroom of Max Hoffman.

The Queensboro Bridge, officially the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge since April 2011 and often endearingly referred to as the 59th Street Bridge by locals, is a cantilever truss bridge over the East River in New York City. It connects the Upper East Side between 59th Street and 60th Street in the borough of Manhattan with the Queens Boulevard in Long Island City in Queens, passing over Roosevelt Island.

A native of Austria, Max Hoffman arrived on the East Coast of the United States as an immigrant in 1941. In 1947, he opened his showroom on Park Avenue in New York, where he began importing and selling European automobile brands, including Porsche.

To make the Porsche 356 more popular, Hoffman successfully competed in car races with the sports car. In the mid-1950s, he sold one third of the vehicles produced by Porsche in the US alone. He used his influence to launch the 356 Speedster model on the American market and is also attributed with convincing Ferry Porsche to adopt the emblem still in use today as the Porsche logo.

Following his death in 1981, his widow Marion O. Hoffman incorporated the Maximilian E. und Marion O. Hoffman Foundation Inc. in 1982 in accordance with his last will and testament. Based in West Hartford, Connecticut, the foundation grants scholarships to students in academic programs including education, medicine, religion and the arts. It holds assets worth approximately $65 million.

The spread was created for Porsche AG and the agency C3, Stuttgart, with Creative Director Patrick Amor and copywriter Elmar Brümmer. Post production was in the hands of Tom Stein from 617 digital.

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STEFFEN JAHN photographs the MINI VISION URBANAUT concept car in the wild

The Mini Urbanaut is a self-driving living room, a mobile home office, and an urban glamping cabin for micro adventures. It looks great whatever you use it for – and, of course, it’s all-electric! STEFFEN JAHN staged the concept car with sporty flair. Post production was taken care of by Tom Stein / 617digital.

With the presentation of the virtual vision vehicle MINI Vision Urbanaut in November 2020, the MINI brand already revealed an all-new interpretation of mobility through an innovative vision of space. And now the BMW Group is set to unveil a physical model of the vehicle which will allow audiences to experience the spatial concept and sustainable materials at work.

The exterior and interior of the vehicle change to reflect the MINI moment at hand and thus give the on-board experience the best possible stage and spatial environment. Fragrance, sound and ambient lighting continue to enrich the baseline mood initiated by the chosen MINI moment.

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STEFFEN JAHN visits Fritz Walter – ‘The Godfather of BMW M1’

STEFFEN JAHN photographed a reportage on the former racing mechanic and car collector Fritz Walter. “In the automotive world, there are plenty of places that are bound to amaze you. For the most part, spotlessly clean showrooms within which horrendously expensive cars are given lavish care and attention. At Fritz Walter’s, it’s an entirely different story – here, you’ll find legendary BMW M1 Procars from the 80s under tarps, behind piles of tires and old rustic wardrobes. And legend has it, there are dozens of these famous rare vehicles at home in his halls. But no one knows for sure. Stacks upon stacks of coveted spare parts for the exotic super sports cars everywhere you look, and top drivers vouch for the cars from Fritz.” Steffen tells GoSee. Post production was taken care of by Tom Stein / 617digital.

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