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JAMES LIPMAN photographs the DODGE models CHALLENGER, CHARGER & DURANGO SRT for Publicis / Stellantis North America – MUSCLE ON A MISSION !

JAMES LIPMAN photographed no less than three models for American car brand DODGE : “High-octane, live-action, day & night dynamic photography of the Dodge Challenger SRT, Charger SRT, and Durango SRT.” The photos were shot in Los Angeles and the Californian desert for Publicis / Stellantis, North America.

The new generation of the legendary American muscle cars promises modern-day performance and still remains true to its roots. The Dodge Challenger not only thrills dyed-in-the-wool fans but also young adventurers looking for a kick. The Challenger SRT Hellcat is considered the fastest muscle car in the world. And as the only four-door of its kind in America, the Charger delivers breathtaking performance and unparalleled driving pleasure.
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NEW at GoSee : JAMES LIPMAN, Transportation Photographer, Los Angeles; we present you ‘A LOVE LETTER TO THE MAGIC CITY OF MIAMI’ featuring the MASERATI MC20 FUORISERIE EDITION and DAVID BECKHAM

New at GoSee is JAMES LIPMAN with headquarters in Southern California. The renowned transportation photographer realizes campaigns worldwide for all major automobile manufacturers. He just photographed a very special declaration of love to Miami : We present you his ‘LOVE LETTER TO THE MAGIC CITY OF MIAMI’ featuring the MASERATI MC20 FUORISERIE EDITION with soccer star, celebrity and new designer DAVID BECKHAM at his side.

David Beckham, the Italian sports car manufacturer’s global brand ambassador, has now become a designer with the help of the Maserati Centro Stile design center in Turin. Beckham’s passion for his second home Miami takes shape in his customized automobile – which exemplifies the concepts of performance and sportiness. The inspiring starting point of it all was Miami, the home of David Beckham’s soccer team. The creative end result is a captivating black and pink dichotomy paired with a sensitive interplay of glossy and matte surfaces.

Miami – a land of magical nights and delicate sunsets. The Maserati MC20 Fuoriserie Edition by David Beckham seems designed to cross this subtle line between day and night : with pink, the color of the sunset, and black, symbolizing the realm of dreams.

“Closing out 2021 with images from this year’s standout job – photographing living legend David Beckham with his new Fuoriserie Maserati MC20 in Miami FL. Beckham is a true ambassador to his country – professional in everything he does and, I’m delighted to report, a total pleasure to work with.” James Lipman lets us know. 

James Lipman on his path and his photographic approach : “After building up an enviable client portfolio in my native United Kingdom, I moved to the desert of Southern California, where I continue to shoot for the world’s greatest car brands. I embrace spontaneity and am most passionate about capturing moments with energy and emotion. I work quickly, travel light, and love working with people. I take my job seriously, but have never taken myself seriously at all. I don’t enjoy bewildering conference calls, catering trucks, unnecessarily large production crews or anything that eats into the flow of a shoot. Let’s grab a sandwich and keep moving.”

Klaus Busse, Head of Maserati Design : “As car designers, our mission is to offer a holistic experience. This value guides our brand’s stylistic research, making each Maserati uniquely recognizable. Our customization program is another example of our brand’s goal to create singular experiences for our customers : Maserati Fuoriserie is a blank canvas, on which Maserati clients can write their own stories and unleash their creativity, making their dreams come true. Designing this special edition MC20 with David, as with all our Fuoriserie projects, is also an ode to the brand’s past, taking us back to a time when every car was hand-built to the client’s requests, giving life to a one-off, a true “fuoriserie.”

David Beckham : “I have always been a car enthusiast, so to be part of designing and creating my MC20 through the Fuoriserie customization program has been an amazing experience. Cars are about individual taste, whether it’s the model, color or small personal details on the inside. It has been incredible to collaborate with the Maserati team and designers to create this one-off car that is inspired by my second home, Miami, and my football club there. It is a joy to be behind the wheel.”

The MASERATI motifs were produced by Racing Cowboys, and the agency was Studio99. Find out further details about the project via the link below.

GoSee : MASERATI & Studio99 & jameslipman.com
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