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Pinboard: Transportation Film

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NEWS // 25.04.2021 // Continental Productions X Citroën C3 SUV Aircross – special digital content & SoMe by Director Julien Rocher and photographer William Crozes
// Keep rising … Citroën entrusted CONTINENTAL with the global reveal of the new C3 Aircross SUV – a production shot in Portugal, under an extremely strict Covid protocol, at the beginning of the second Lisbon lockdown.CONTINENTAL : “We have created powerful organic videos and photo modules as well as digital content for the renowned and beloved brand with director Julien Rocher and photographer William Crozes, our expert ContiArt talents.”CITROËN : “Intuit…
NEWS // 22.06.2021 // Hero film with emotional storytelling – IGOR PANITZ presents the E-Class Model 350 Coupé in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz
// In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, IGOR PANITZ (DOP) presents the E-Class Model 350 Coupé in a 25-second film – a hero film packed with emotional storytelling. Finest lighting – also in the area of moving images – is the trademark with which Igor Panitz has skillfully made a name for himself all over the world as a transportation photographer.It’s hardly surprising that renowned manufacturers also rely on the light and studio competence of the Stuttgarter when it c…
NOTE: Interior und Schnitt Mazda
NEWS // 08.07.2021 // ‘Land of the Dragons’ featuring the new HONDA CR-V Hybrid - Director PETER OTTO presents you the commercial version on GoSee.NEWS
// Following the three-minute Director’s Cut, which we presented you two weeks ago in our GoSee FILM NEWS, this is now the official one-minute version of ‘Land of the Dragons’, which Director PETER OTTO and his crew filmed at the beginning of the year in Wales, the Land of the Red Dragon* – and which we just have to show you. GoSee : peterotto.eu*Wales’ official first use of the red dragon flag was probably during the battle of Bosworth Field in England, 1485, whe…
NOTE: Mazda Mood