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featured by Patrick Curtet : ‘Designed To Exceed Your Expectations At Every Turn’ – PATRICK CURTET, aka MPCurtet, face-to-face with the GENESIS GV80

“Meet the first ever SUV from GENESIS, pushing the limits of style and performance with a full suite of intuitive technology, all-road capability, luxurious comfort for all passengers, and design that stops you in your tracks.” The Genesis GV80 ushers in a new era of what a modern luxury SUV is meant to be. MP CURTET was commissioned by the agency Innocean USA to enhance the beauty of the beast both on road and off.

“We developed the GV80 by looking inward and asking ourselves how the Genesis brand DNA could put our very first SUV a cut above the rest, and I’m overwhelmed by what the design, engineering and development teams have accomplished. It’s proof that we infuse the spirit of youth and wonder into everything we do.” Mark Del Rosso, CEO, Genesis Motor North America.

Creative director was David Mesfin, art buyer and agency producer was Rachel Crain, and it was produced by MJ 68. Post production by Jenny Cremer.
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featured by Torsten Klinkow : TORSTEN KLINKOW presents ‘Love Is In The Air’ – a film and photo project about the passion of a classic air-cooled PORSCHE 911, produced on the coast of Denmark

On a cold evening this spring, GoSee member TORSTEN KLINKOW c/o SEVERIN WENDELER and several Porsche enthusiasts decided to make a film about the love of air-cooled sports cars. And the very next week, they were all on the road to Denmark where they filmed enough material over the course of only one day in adverse weather conditions.

The Porsche 911, aka the Nine Eleven, is the most famous sports car built by Porsche. It’s considered the epitome of the brand, and was introduced for the first time in 1963 at the IAA in Frankfurt.

SVEN LAABS was in charge of production for the ideal locations, Jenny Cremer was responsible for the great look of the photos, and Torsten made sure grading was just right and edited the video.
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featured by MARKUS MUELLER : Step by step into the future ... - MARKUS MUELLER photographs the ‘Believe in Yourself’ campaign for ERSTE BANK/SAVINGS BANK Austria

Invest in the future step by step – for the client ERSTE BANK/SPARKASSE, MARKUS MUELLER photographed the great new motifs for the new ‘Believe in Yourself’ campaign on the topic of fund savings for the agency Jung von Matt/Donau with AD Axel Spendlingwimmer. Markus tells GoSee : “The photos are meant to bring back memories of your own childhood, ... that you experienced and survived, and that you will never forget. And, of course, always believing in yourself.”

Advertised in the campaign is the fund savings service of the institute: “Fund savings enables customers to invest regularly in funds and build up assets over a long period of time – starting at 50 euros a month. Choose one or more funds and benefit from the expertise of our fund managers. It’s quite easy how a fund works: several investors pool their money instead of investing it alone. The experts of our investment company combine the money and invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. All investors acquire shares in the securities. The generated income is either paid out or reinvested. In addition, investors can profit from a rise in the market price of securities.”

Erste Bank Austria is the leading institute of the Austrian Savings Banks Group. Together with 49 regional savings banks, we are one of the largest banking groups in the country. In a nutshell: 15,520 employees in 49 institutes (46 savings banks, Erste Bank, Erste Group, Zweite Sparkasse) with 3.8 million customers and 1,075 branch offices (incl. OMV banking service points). GoSee:
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