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featured by robert westrich : ROBERT WESTRICH photographs the new MERCEDES-BENZ CLE – a luxurious sports car with an iconic design

Robert WESTRICH staged the MERCEDES-BENZ CLE in the last light of the day for photos full of atmosphere. During production of the teaser motifs – for which significant features such as the signature coupe silhouette and tail lights were front and center – mum was the word so that not too much would be revealed before the actual launch of the new Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupe, which was still top secret at the time. Post was in the hands of Jenny Cremer.
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featured by robert westrich : ROBERT WESTRICH photographs the 2023 MERCEDES-BENZ CLE COUPE

A magnificent villa nestled in a beautiful spot complete with an ocean view served as the location for ROBERT WESTRICH to photograph the brand-new 2023 CLE Coupe for Mercedes-Benz. Still highly confidential during the shoot, this equally athletic top-secret two-door boasts the flowing signature coupe silhouette.

Post production was taken care of this time by Jenny Cremer. And we have the elegant result for you here on GoSee.
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featured by Claudia Bitzer : HONDA e:NY1 - the smart SUV with electric motor, photographed by KY&BA c/o CLAUDIA BITZER for Missouri Creative

The new HONDA e:NY1 combines a new design approach with exceptional interior comfort and advanced technology – to create a modern family car that redefines the driving experience for EV owners. Photographer team KY&BA c/o CLAUDIA BITZER present us the second part of the campaign here on GoSee.

KY&BA : “Here’s the second step of Honda’s European launch campaign that was photographed by us. In the spotlight: Honda’s first electric SUV – the e:NY1. Over the course of eight days and in eight different locations across Catalunya, we teamed up with Missouri Creative and Falca to showcase the numerous features of these new SUVs. After a successful week in Spain, we supervised post-production of the 82 deliverable images with Jenny Cremer, who was in charge of retouching. The photos are on display all over Europe both on the official websites of Honda and in the sales brochures of the two cars.”

GoSee :
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