J. Konrad Schmidt

Photographer (BFF, AOP, ADC)

Advertising · Fashion · Transportation
Berlin, London
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news featured by RECOM GmbH & Co. KG RECOM with CGI and post for VW Hybrid, KIA EV6, NISSAN Qashqai for TBWA Paris, Matthew Jones’ DACIA, and the lunar research motorbike concept TARDIGRADE … plus, meet RECOM as an exhibitor at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

Creative retouch came from RECOM for a double-pack of projects for and with Damien de BLINKK c/o EMEIS DEUBEL, who staged both the VW Hybrid and the KIA EV6 campaigns. Created together with Andreas Hempel via CGI and retouch were the visuals for the NISSAN Qashqai and TBWA Paris, and Cream Paris produced campaign motifs for DACIA with MATTHEW JONES.

‘Tardigrade’ concept motorbike for lunar research. Namesake for which are microscopically small, eight-legged invertebrate creatures, skilled in surviving even the most extreme conditions. Already in 2020, Andrey Fabishevsky envisioned an electric NASA motorcycle for lunar travel. This very idea has now been brought to life by the German brand Hookie. The bike was photographed by J. Konrad Schmidt, and RECOM took care of creative retouch as well as the CGI elements.

And last but not least : Welcome RECOM once again as an exhibitor at this year’s UPDATE in Berlin.

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