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JSR AGENCY : presents transportation specialist Oliver Paffrath

Transportation and lifestyle photographer Oliver PAFFRATH c/o JSR AGENCY began his career shooting fashion. He used his skills honed during fashion shoots subsequently to apply his style and lighting techniques in his transportation photography. Oliver also combines these techniques to create motion and CGI content that is equally eye-catching and appealing.

JSR AGENCY : “He now shoots for the world’s biggest car manufacturers for global advertising campaigns and car lifestyle brochures. Based in Germany, Oliver’s focus is on the ability to meet the main constraints of his clients – schedule, budget and quality of every production.”

His client list already includes big brands the likes of Allianz, Adidas, ABN Amro, Audi, ATU, BMW, Chevrolet, Credit Suisse, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Škoda, Seat, Toyota or even Volkswagen.

JSR represents photographers, illustrators and animators, delivering bespoke production to the world’s leading brands : “JSR was founded in 2005 by Jamie Stephen who still runs the agency today. A former new business director for a global advertising network with connections throughout the industry, he created an agency designed around the needs of clients across the world. Now representing over 50 artists and with a team of fifteen in London, JSR has adapted to become a modern creative agency for the demands of a new world of communication.”

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CREED FRAGRANCE - fine stills & elegant shadow play by Amy CURRELL c/o JSR AGENCY and ‘Anatomy of Success’ - a golden visualization for SINDROMS Mag

Amy CURRELL c/o JSR AGENCY created a new visual language for luxury perfume house CREED. Photographer and director Amy was commissioned to photograph new photos for several of Creed’s legendary perfumes for their digital channels.

What Amy’s clients – including Ikea, Vogue, Selfridges, Liberty London, Tatler, Bvlgari and the London Art Fair – love about her is the way she elegantly stages products in carefully choreographed compositions.

A golden visualization of the ‘Anatomy of Success’ was photographed by Amy CURRELL c/o JSR AGENCY for the Gold Edition of Danish magazine SINDROMS. “Amy is most at home when capturing color and texture at their most evocative – drawing narratives from shadows, finding warmth and refraction in liquids and blending CGI techniques with traditional stills photography for a perfected reality,” says JSR AGENCY.

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Time to get comfy! ‘Comfort Fest’ spots for IKEA and TIMEOUT LONDON by Cathal DUANE c/o JSR AGENCY

Illustrator Cathal DUANE c/o JSR AGENCY illustrated for TimeOut London and Ikea’s mutual ‘Comfort Fest’ campaign, advertising for a number of events which took place throughout November in Ikea stores across London dedicated to cosy fun and themed upon everything from comfort food, to comfort lates, comfort crafts and even comfort comedy.

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