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#CreateAsYouAre! HANSGROHE’s new brand campaign celebrates the colorful diversity of the family - people & lifestyle motifs by Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN for RAPP

With the B2C campaign #CreateAsYouAre, hansgrohe is celebrating the personalities of its customers – as well as their diverse ways of life. With the slogan ‘Design follows just one principle – you.’, hansgrohe is praising the joy of individual design and the diverse family constellations that make customers all over the world happy. After all, there are more and more same-sex couples, more single parents, patchwork families, and marriages with double-income and no kids. Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographed the print motifs.

With #CreateAsYouAre, the premium brand from southern Germany is addressing people who fall through the cracks in classic, often traditionally oriented advertising. “The new #CreateAsYouAre campaign puts diversity and designing an individual lifestyle front and center in the bathroom. For a bathroom design as colorful as life itself,” says Marc André Palm, Head of Global Brand Marketing at hansgrohe (via ARGE).

The lead campaign, with a simultaneous launch in almost 40 countries, is the largest international marketing campaign to date by HANSGROHE. With the aim of highlighting the importance of diversity and multifaceted variety and thus strengthening the reorientation of the brand, it comprises activation of target groups at the POS in addition to trailers and photographic material. The 360-degree campaign was conceived and realized in cooperation with digital agency TLGG and its sister RAPP Berlin.
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WELT AM SONNTAG ad motifs by Stefan THURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN for the agency Oliver Voss

For the agency OLIVER VOSS, Stefan THURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographed the motifs for Germany’s favorite Sunday news. Ellen Kleinbölting took care of art buying, and ARNDT VON HOFF c/o Liganord was in charge of the perfect placement of the newspaper.
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