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news featured by B&A REPS Germany ‘AMINO ACIDS ARE FUNDAMENTAL FOR LIFE’ - commercial by Director Frank SCHEMMANN c/o B&A REPS GERMANY for NHCO / CHIESI

Commissioned by CHIESI, director and photographer Frank SCHEMMANN c/o B&A REPS GERMANY realized the commercial ‘AMINO ACIDS ARE FUNDAMENTAL FOR LIFE’. Styling came from Natalia Witschke c/o NINA KLEIN, the models were cast by Heidi & Remco Katja Lorsbach, and post production was taken care of by CHAMAELEON DIGITAL VISION from Düsseldorf.

Whether for our hair, skin, or even our heart and metabolism, these little building blocks play an essential and quite elementary role. Amino acids also contribute to beauty and well-being. Which is why, the innovative food supplements from NHCO (Chiesi GmbH) are now available for everyone who wants to do something good for themselves holistically.

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