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MASTERCARD Diversity campaign, portraits for ‘LIVE DEMOCRACY’, plus beauty motifs for FLACONI by people & portrait photographer Delia BAUM c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF

Delia BAUM c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF realized campaign photos for online perfume retailer FLACONI.

Delia BAUM c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF also portrayed actress Thelma Buabeng, who is at the heart of the new MASTERCARD campaign on the topic of ‘Diversity’. Embracing the claim: ‘When there’s enough room in the limelight for everyone. Priceless.’, the company wants to raise awareness in society for our world and do away with stereotypical and discriminatory roles,” as it says in an announcement from Mastercard. Why? Because many actors and actresses, particularly those with a migratory background, are frequently cast for very similar roles. The campaign appeared for the Berlin International Film Festival.

Democratic commitment starts with the little things. Precisely where participation is possible and taking a stand is required. We are all called upon here because democracy is our mutual cause and begins with each and every individual. The aim of ‘It starts with you’, the campaign of the German federal program ‘Live Democracy!’ is to raise awareness for this issue: with posters across Germany, posts throughout social media as well as with editorial content, video clips and local campaigns.

The campaign is conveyed via expressive close-ups of various people combined with concise messages. Delia BAUM c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF created the portraits of the campaign.

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SCHALL & SCHNABEL - photography & directing duo from Berlin, now represented by KELLY KELLERHOFF

KELLY KELLERHOFF now represents SCHALL & SCHNABEL from Berlin. The studio was founded by Eileen Huhn & Pierre Horn, and the duo has made a name for itself with music videos and TVCs as well as conceptual editorials between art and fashion for international magazines. They have also worked on more classic commissions for agencies and clients including BMW, Nivea and Outfittery. Ridley Scott counted the duo among the twelve best new directors at Cannes Lions in 2018.

SCHALL & SCHNABEL offers the entire breadth and depth of creative services such as visual concepts, music videos, TVCs, fashion and portrait photography, image campaigns, cinemagraphs & animated GIFs, stop motion, light and space installations, art direction, creative consulting etc.

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NIVEA Micellar Water campaign - clips and portraits by Tomaso BALDESSARINI c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF for Publicis One Touch

For NIVEA’s Micellar Cleansing Water, portrait specialist Tomaso BALDESSARINI c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF produced clips and images for the online campaign on the occasion of the Soccer World Cup. The agency was Publicis One Touch with Creative Director Axel Grimald.

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