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news KENT & CO PRODUCTIONS supports the LOUIS VUITTON x BILLIE ZANGEWA artist collaboration in Johannesburg for Chapter 5 of the Artycapucines Collection

KENT & CO PRODUCTIONS provided local production services to Lock Studios to support film and photo shoots in Johannesburg for the artist collaboration between LOUIS VUITTON and Billie Zangewa for the ‘Artycapucines Collection Nummer 5’.

A South African-based artist born in Malawi, Billie Zangewa celebrates the amalgamation of gender, identity and race in a socio-economic context through raw silk assemblages. Deliberately using unevenly stitched patchworks of raw silk, she creates landscapes and portraits. Transposing her 2020 oeuvre entitled ‘The Swimming Lesson’, Zangewa’s Artycapucines bag depicts her son Mika on the edge of a glistening pool, adorned with handstitched beads and metallic thread to create a sparkling reflection, as well as three Monogram penguin charms.

A recurrent theme of her piece, gold detailing outlines the pool edge and continues along the top of the bag until it reaches the metallic LV signature. “I have a love of texture and tactility so working with fabric...

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