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About kimberit

Kim Berit Heppelmann stands as a lone fighter at the thresholds between fashion, art and philosophy.
Both craftswoman and conceptionalist. Trained as a tailor in Hamburg.
Studied at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts.
She won not only the GenArt Award in New York, as well as the Otago Polytech Award in Italy,
but also further prizes in New Zealand and Hong Kong.
The artist, living in Berlin since 2009, is known for her stagings in form of installations
or readings.
Her sculptural silhouettes serve as projection surfaces for topics Heppelmann deals with:
minimalism, movement, or twilight.
A famous quote: “I’m not really interested in trends”.
For Heppelmann, traditional craftsmanship is just as crucial as exploring new techniques and materials.
She does not want to create a look like any other designer, but rather wearable sculptures
which remain valid for a long time.
The basis of Kim Berit Heppelmann’s collections always form an artistically and technically sophisticated concept
that she wants to implement by using the ‘one-piece-method’ that she developed herself,
out of the basic principles of the minimalism.
She creates her garments from one single piece of fabric.
The experimental exploration of the tension of the body, the outer shell, movement, and the space, forms the heart of her work.
This interdependence is what challenges her to reflect on the basic principles of clothing as sculpture, performance, image, text, house, and emotion.