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featured by B&A REPS Germany : 'With Love Against Lung Cancer' – photos and films of the sensitive AstraZeneca campaign by Frank SCHEMMANN c/o B&A REPS

When it comes to lung cancer, nothing helps more than your support. Because lung cancer – according to ASTRAZENECA – can affect anyone. With testimonials such as Michael Mendl, German actor and cigarette smoker, the pharmaceutical company is advocating for more love for one another.

“I used to smoke – without getting lung cancer. I was lucky, others were not. Which is why people suffering from lung cancer, like everyone with a serious illness, deserve our wholehearted attention and support. So let’s get started.” Michael Mendl.

A further testimonial of the campaign is top model and activist Franziska Knuppe. She too has a very personal connection to the disease : “When my father was diagnosed, he was not only confronted by a severe illness, but also with prejudice. Even though people with lung cancer need the same support as everyone who is seriously ill.” Franziska Knuppe.

Both stood for the ‘With Love Against Lung Cancer’ campaign in front of the camera of photographer and director Frank SCHEMMANN c/o B&A REPS. Art Producer was Ellen Kleinbölting.

Lung cancer in numbers : The mortality rate of lung cancer is among the highest cancer-related death rates. Lung cancer is the second most frequent type of cancer in men and the third among women. The relative 5-year survival rate is about 22 percent for women and 17 percent for men.

We read on : “Allegedly, only smokers get lung cancer. Well, that’s at least what most people think. However, more than 12% of people who develop the disease have never smoked. Conversely, only a small percentage of smokers get lung cancer. Besides smoking as the main risk factor, further factors can contribute to the development of lung cancer, such as air pollution, infections and genetic driver mutations, which can occur spontaneously or are hereditary.

Increasingly due to anti-tobacco campaigns, lung cancer has become collectively perceived as ‘a smoker’s disease’. To improve prevention, it makes sense to clearly communicate the dangers of smoking. But for those affected, focusing on the cause of the disease can have negative consequences: They are often not only confronted with the diagnosis, but are also up against prejudices – whether they smoke or not. People insinuate that they are to blame for the disease themselves. 
Unlike any other type of cancer, lung cancer is thus subject to social stigma. This leads to an increased psychological burden for those affected and also negatively impacts the early detection of lung cancer and the availability of innovative therapies.”

For lung cancer, like every other type of cancer: The earlier it is detected, the better the chance of recovery. At the moment, there is still no specific method for the early detection of lung cancer. Tumor biological, or biomarker testing, however, delivers the best results for lung cancer therapy. Scientists have found out that cancer cells can be differentiated from healthy cells on the basis of characteristic markers. Meanwhile, a number of different biomarkers have been identified for lung cancer that provide valuable information on the exact type of cancer. Tumor biological testing can detect these biomarkers.

AstraZeneca is among the market leaders in cancer treatment with active ingredients against breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer : “At AstraZeneca, we are among the leading and most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the world with our active ingredients against lung cancer. We are doing everything in our power to give an even greater number of cancer patients the hope of better treatment with the help of new active ingredients and personalized therapies.”

AstraZeneca is a global pharmaceutical corporation, created in 1999 through the merger of Swedish Astra AB and British Zeneca PLC. Zeneca was formed by the demerger of the pharmaceutical operations of British Imperial Chemical Industries in 1993. It is headquartered in Cambridge, and the R&D department is located in Södertälje, south of Sweden. AstraZeneca was one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world in 2019 with a revenue of $ 26,6 billion and 70,600 employees.

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featured by MARC AND DAVID : The new ID. Buzz. Fully electric, fully connected, full of new ideas – the campaign for the world premiere of the new iconic VW by MARC AND DAVID

The world premiere of the new iconic Volkswagen was photographed by MARC AND DAVID for Scholz & Friends : “We’re super proud to present the latest work we have photographed for Volkswagen AG. The world premiere of the most iconic member of the ID. family – the Volkswagen ID. Buzz.” Creative Director was Christian Klein, Art Directrice was Marie Julia Schillgalies, and art buying was in the hands of Ellen Kleinbölting. The motifs were produced by PRINZ PRODUCTIONS.

The new ID. Buzz is VW’s icon for the electric era. Besides its irresistible charm, it features impressive cutting-edge technologies and an entirely new spacious experience. With a nod to the design of its predecessor, the VW Bus or ‘Bulli’ as it is referred to in Germany, the new ID. Buzz combines modern proportions with innovative technology.
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featured by MARKUS MUELLER : WEBER GRILL ‘SmokeFire STEALTH Edition’ – the RED Dot Design Award-winning grill photographed by MARKUS MUELLER

‘With the new SmokeFire pellet barbecue, you can make food you never thought possible in your own backyard and turn your patio into a designer stage. Sear at 315 degrees Celsius, roast, smoke or even pan-sear – it’s all possible,” says WEBER GRILL.

The ‘SmokeFire STEALTH Edition’ with a completely blacked-out design has just received the RED Dot Design Award 2022, and Markus Mueller photographed the perfect campaign for the occasion for Scholz&Friends (AD: Christian Wellhäußer), with art buying taken care of by Ellen Kleinbölting. Food on the grill was put together by food stylist Laurent Overmans, and styling came from Doreen Regel c/o basics berlin. The production company was Aways Everything. And the campaign wouldn’t be complete, of course, without Weber’s classic Master Touch kettle barbecue.
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