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news featured by B&A REPS Germany 'With Love Against Lung Cancer' – photos and films of the sensitive AstraZeneca campaign by Frank SCHEMMANN c/o B&A REPS

When it comes to lung cancer, nothing helps more than your support. Because lung cancer – according to ASTRAZENECA – can affect anyone. With testimonials such as Michael Mendl, German actor and cigarette smoker, the pharmaceutical company is advocating for more love for one another.

“I used to smoke – without getting lung cancer. I was lucky, others were not. Which is why people suffering from lung cancer, like everyone with a serious illness, deserve our wholehearted attention and support. So let’s get started.” Michael Mendl.

A further testimonial of the campaign is top model and activist Franziska Knuppe. She too has a very personal connection to the disease : “When my father was diagnosed, he was not only confronted by a severe illness, but also with prejudice. Even though people with lung cancer need the same support as everyone who is seriously ill.” Franziska Knuppe.

Both stood for the ‘With Love Against Lung Cancer’ campaign in front of the camera of photographer and director...

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