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news featured by Double T Photographers 'My representative will take care of it !' – Christopher KOCH c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed a further campaign motif for LVM INSURANCE

Christopher KOCH c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed yet another motif for insurance provider LVM on commission for Hamburg-based advertising agency Kolle Rebbe.

LVM Agricultural Insurance Association Münster a. G. is among the twenty leading primary insurance groups and also among the five largest car insurance companies in Germany. Its headquarters is in the city of Münster.

More than 3.7 million customers with 13.7 million policies put their trust in LVM. With over 4 billion euros in premium income and capital investments of 21.4 billion euros, it is one of the 20 top insurers in Germany. Local customer service is provided by around 2,200 LVM representatives and agency partners with around 5,300 employees and trainees in LVM insurance agencies throughout Germany, supported by 3,900 employees in the company headquarters in Münster as well as on the company’s field sales force.

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