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THE IMAGINATION PROJECT – analogue paper landscapes in augmented reality by illustrator ANNETTE JACOBS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION

Annette JACOBS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS is a talented papercut artist and just had the opportunity to realize her first augmented reality project. In ‘Imaginative Paper Landscapes’, Annette embarks on a virtual trip to the most beautiful places in the world, taking her papercuts into a new dimension where virtual objects blend into the real world. Her paper landscapes are handcrafted with colored construction paper and can be projected everywhere via augmented reality for viewers to experience and discover as life-size sculptures. The first stars of her AR series are flamingos from the Atacama desert.

Try it out yourself! On her Instagram profile @annettejacobs.de, you can download the Instagram filter (supported by: The Imagination Project – an initiative by Wacom and Creative Mornings Düsseldorf).
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Wrap with Care – Giving with more care, less waste this Christmas – the animated campaign by Sylwia KUBUS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION for an eco-friendly XMAS

Sylwia KUBUS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS created an animation for THE FABRIC WRAPPING CO and its #WrapWithCare campaign. Content-wise, it’s about raising awareness for the fact that the UK uses paper equivalent to 50,000 trees alone for the production of Christmas wrapping paper. The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to switch to sustainable packaging alternatives this year and become more aware of their ecological footprint.

Natasja & Margot : “We’ve launched a campaign! It’s all about encouraging people to give with more care, less waste this Christmas. It’s called Wrap With Care. For everyone who joins us and pledges to Wrap With Care, we will plant a tree with the fabulous Mossy Earth.

This year has been tough, strange and unsettling, for us and for many others. Yet out of this uncertainty has come more clarity about what’s important and a real determination to make a difference to the planet. For us, we want to make more people aware of the amount of waste at Christmas (50,000 trees in wrap!). We’re not about guilt here, we’re about love, so mostly we want to share wonderful stories about people giving and receiving beautiful, thoughtful gifts. You can get teary along with us as you read them!

We are championing the art of giving as an act of love. For us, that love includes considering the impact on the planet. Brands and people with beautiful ideas and products that inspire us will be shared along the way. And we’ll be cheering for every person who gets creative this Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or simply this winter to give with more care, less waste. So : JOIN US (remember, we’ll plant a tree when you do). Please share this campaign and your creative ideas with #wrapwithcare on Instagram when you do.” GoSee : fabricwrappingco.com

About – Sylwia Kubus discovered drawing and painting relatively late in life. But when she did start, it felt like love at first sight. She then studied at the Lodz Film School and the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg where she came into contact with moving images for the first time. She is fascinated by creating new, self-contained worlds which she can bring to life thanks to animation.
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KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION presents a showreel by NÉSTOR RAMOS, 3D ILLUSTRATION AND ANIMATION, with a focus on interior and product design – colorful, geometric and minimalist

Néstor Ramos is a 3D motion designer and illustrator from Barcelona. In his 3D work, he likes to focus on  interior and product design. Néstor is fascinated about creating environments or developing abstract compositions in an interplay of shapes, colors and light, which he also realizes in animations. He personally refers to his style as colorful, geometric and minimalist. His showreel presents a cross-section of his latest works.

Following his studies, he worked three years as a 3D designer for an agency in the areas of editorial and advertising, where he continued to develop his skills in Cinema 4D. Since 2019, he has been working as a freelance illustrator and motion designer for clients including Nike, Coca-Cola, Benefit Cosmetics, Google, YouTube, Pinterest and many more.

We present you his new showreel, the two series entitled PRIMITIVES SERIES and ABSTRACT COMPOSITIONS as well as motifs from his Happy campaign. Further information is available via KOMBINATROTWEISS.
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