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news | featured by Severin Wendeler : KEEP YOUR MIND MOVING – Mercedes Full CGI project by M&P Curtet c/o SEVERIN WENDELER & Curve Digital

In this crazy world, whenever our movement is restricted, our creativity continues to travel beyond our constraints. M&P CURTET teamed up with Curve Digital and LA CREATIVE TEAM to take on the challenge of creating a complete campaign in print and video without even leaving their desks. After a bit of brainstorming, long talks, plenty of preparation, and drawing a few mood boards, they ultimately came up with a mutual concept.

Curve Digital put all the manpower of both studios together, in the UK and Los Angeles, to finalize the visuals. And after tackling challenge upon challenge, they pushed the envelope to create moving images in collaboration with LA CREATIVE TEAM. Spotbot LA put on the final touches in color grading and sound design.

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