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About LeFu Photography

LeFu - is the pseudonym and brand the designer Norbert Schueller created in 2010 to publish his beauty, fashion and commercial photography. People photography is the heart of his artistic work.

His main inspiration comes from feminine beauty and elegance. Emphasizing and appreciating this is most important for the artist who is living in the western part of Germany, close to Cologne and Duesseldorf.

LeFu is always looking for new challenges and there is no limit to his ambition. When it comes to model photography he prefers to work at eye level. He sees not just „the model“, but the individual, the human being. LeFu is curious and open minded. He wants to create pictures that everybody in his team, especially the model, is happy with and proud of. Today, next month and in a couple of years, as well.

Ideas come from all kinds of media, personal experiences, creative exchange and last, but not least from the circumstances and conditions on set.

LeFu's photographic style is characterized by his search for the outstanding. As head of international teams he is fulfilling his visions. His passion has taken him to exclusive places allover Europe and South Africa, so far. At the beginning of each project there is always an idea. To turn it into reality it takes a few things: serious planning, accurate choice of location and team, a clear mind, serenity, the ability to improvise on set and last but not least humor.

LeFu is a convinced networker who is happy to meet with new people. Collaboration and dialogue with other creative minds is very welcome.

Using social media as marketing tools soon caught the attention of international fashion magazines. Publications of his work and interviews followed shortly in Europe, America, Russia or even Australia.

Childhood marks the beginning of this development. At a time where pencils and paper were the preferred tools for creative experiments the look through the viewfinder of his fathers rangefinder camera had a very special attraction for him. Probably the distortions and markings in the viewfinder were the reason why the known world suddenly appeared new and a little surreal. Later he realized a camera was a real time machine. A device capable of preserving the present and powerful to create even an new reality. This discovery had a huge impact on him and this „magic“ is everlasting.

As a teenager movies and photography became more and more important to him. His photographical expedition started with his first own SLR-camera. Quickly it became clear his professional way would lead into the creative world of film, photography, design and art. As designer he worked many years for well-known media companies.

By switching to digital photography on several journeys he first took pictures of landscapes, panoramas and architecture.

Even today he enjoys taking care of his numerous clients in manufacturing, trade, hotel business and gastronomy.

After a serious illness it was photography again that brought him healing energy and opened up new perspectives for his life. The special challenges of model photography offer LeFu the ideal environment to express his true skills, passions and visions.

The love relationship with photography is the central theme of his life. It carries him and will lead the way to new horizons in the future.