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news Rosi Offenbach photographs model Amalia Azzarello for METALHEAD magazine in Boxwerk Munich - styling: Norbert SÜTÖ and hair & make-up: Tamara KRANER, both artists c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger

IT IS MORE OF A BLESSING TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE – Munich-based photographer Rosi Offenbach visualizes an image of women beyond a binary gender concept in an exclusive story for THE METALHEAD.

“In our photography, we aspire to visualize an image of women beyond a binary gender concept. A binary gender model aims at the assumption of gender identity which is restricted to opposite poles, male and female, and is not shifting on an infinitely diverse spectrum scale. Moreover, within such a concept, certain established qualities are attributed to the two rigid poles, e.g. strength, superiority and power are described as typically male, whereas beauty, softness and care are regarded as typically female.

In a subtle way, those stereotypical attributions promote and entrench the structural, unequal treatment of women by conveying an image of women which is aimed at subjugation. For centuries, this cultural narrative has enabled a distribution of gender roles in which women are subordinate...

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