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‘Kybelé’ editorial in VOGUE PORTUGAL and the ARRABAL N3 campaign with styling by Özge EFEK c/o les Artists by Josef Stockinger

Art Directrice and stylist Özge EFEK c/o les ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger from Milan was in charge of styling for the provocative spread ‘Kybelé’, published in VOGUE PORTUGAL. It was photographed by Angelo Lamparelli.

She was also on set with the photographer for Milan label ARRABAL and realized the looks of the ARRABAL N3 campaign. “The brand ARRABAL celebrates a sensual design philosophy creating sophisticated separates with stylistic references to tango coming from the multicultural beauty of Buenos Aires, old cinematographic culture and modern art. It’s about finding new meanings for the old adages of sensuality… nostalgic, darkly romantic, sophisticated, and refined. Embodying modern femininity, each individual piece has taken considerable time and attention to develop and refine, and is consistently ahead of trends in its timelessness.”
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MADAME Jewelry special with manicure by Corina FRIEDRICH c/o les Artists by Josef Stockinger

Corina Friedrich c/o les ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger was in charge of manicure for the Jewelry Special by fashion and fine art photographer Stefan MILEV c/o WILDFOX RUNNING.
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‘Your Own Party’ CLUB OF GENTS & KDV Dance Ensemble + STYLEBOP campaigns with hair & make-up by SACHA SCHUETTE c/o les Artists by Josef Stockinger

Sacha SCHUETTE c/o les ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger was in charge of grooming for the new ‘Your Own Party’ campaign of menswear label CLUB OF GENTS, which was photographed by ANDREAS ORTNER. Sacha has been working for the hip menswear label with the London attitude for quite some time. CLUB OF GENTS goes back to the 80s and early 90s. It’s the time of bands such as Oasis, Blur und Fury in the Slaughterhouse… On CLUB OF GENTS, there’s an interview with the simpatico hair & make-up artist.

Also with ANDREAS ORTNER on set for STYLEBOP was Sacha SCHUETTE, for which he took care of hair & make-up of the KDV Dance Ensemble + STYLEBOP cooperation.
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