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About Lichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH

LICHTENBERG & GRAY PRODUCTIONS GMBH is a Munich based Production Company / Production-Service Company - Lichtenberg & Gray Productions offers a wide range of services for international and local production companies, advertising agencies, broadcasting stations and photographers. Due to confidential agreements with VIPs and car companies, we just can show a small part of our work.

Clients of Lichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH

Hugo Boss RSA, London
Shinki Oliver Kahn Nexus Manifesto, London
Swisscom Frame Eleven, Zürich
Nokia RSA, London
div. ProSieben WTs SevenSenses, München
div. SAT.1 WTs SevenSenses, Berlin
div. Kabel 1 WTs SevenSenses, München
Traveler Wolfe's, New York
Barilla Filmmaster, Milan
Cadillac O'Briens*, Detroit
CSS Insurance as: if Film Matters, London
DaimlerChrysler DCTV*, Stuttgart
Porsche @radical.media*, LosAngeles
Mobil Oil HKM*, Los Angeles
Aral RSA*, London
Opel Astra Tiny Film Unit, Hongkong
Opel Vectra Tiny Film Unit, Hongkong
Cathay Pacific Dexter's Tiny Film Unit, Los Angeles
Coca Cola DCF, Munich
Lufthansa Bavaria Film, Munich
Olympia 2000 Regardez!, Zürich
Trailer for Pro 7
Pittard Sullivan Fitzgerald, Los Angeles

*for axis Rudi Geiger GmbH, Munich