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News // 18 News by Lise Anne Marsal

For an irresistibly sensual summer – LISE ANNE MARSAL captures the first rays of sun on a Corsican beach in her editorial for MADAME FIGARO Paris with top model Ophelie Guillermand

Pour un été irrésistiblement sensuel … French top model Ophelie Guillermand stood in front of the camera of photographer LISE ANNE MARSAL for the dreamlike fashion editorial in MADAME FIGARO Paris. She photographed summer styles designed not only to make you look good at the beach. During the shoot, Lise Anne Marsal and her team visited Domaine de Murtoli, located in the small town of Sartene – ‘the most Corsican of all Corsican cities’. Styling: Julie Gilet. GoSee : murtoli.com
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‘Vintage, denim et bleus de travail …’ – LISE ANNE MARSAL photographs her fashion editorial ‘Workwear’ for MADAME FIGARO in a picturesque workshop in Paris

‘Vintage, denim et bleus de travail … Les nouveaux codes du vestiaire féminin-masculin’ – MADAME FIGARO puts workwear on the fashion-to-have list. Following a nerve-racking year with Covid-19, it’s time to roll up our sleeves : fashion photographer LISE ANNE MARSAL photographed the ‘Workwear’ editorial with models Vitoria Mota and Swann Guerrault in a former workshop in Paris. Styling by Sylvie Clement, make-up by Vera Dierckx, hair by Javier Palacio, and post production by Almedin Kramo.

MADAME FIGARO : “Tendance phare de la saison, les vêtements utilitaires se marient à des joyaux extra bruts. Dans un univers vintage, chaînes en argent, bagues et montres XXL se portent sur du denim et des bleus de travail. Coup de projecteur sur ces nouveaux emblèmes du masculin-féminin.”

Madame Figaro is the renowned French supplement to the Saturday issue of the no less renowned daily paper Le Figaro. GoSee : madame.lefigaro.fr//vintage-denim-bleus
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LISE ANNE MARSAL : photographs a fashion editorial for MADAME FIGARO Paris at Hotel Instants d’Absolu, the must-see ecolodge & spa in the Auvergne region

Marvelous Christmas looks in the great outdoors – for which fashion photographer LISE ANNE MARSAL and her team traveled from Paris to the Auvergne region. More precisely, the trip took them to ecolodge Instants d’Absolu by Laurence & Daniel for MADAME FIGARO Paris. The looks on models Florian Desbiendras and Anastasiya were styled by Sylvie Clement, with hair & make-up by Louise Garnier. Post production: Almedin Kramo.

About – INSTANTS D’ABSOLU. Laurence & Daniel, sharing a mutual passion for freedom, wide open spaces and wild nature, were fascinated enough by this fantastic territory to change their way of life and create the Instants d’Absolu Ecolodge & Spa in the lodge tradition of yesteryear. In itself, it stands as a celebration of the senses, crafted from the elements, blending texture, light and nature’s palette for a smoother approach to life in total harmony with Mother Nature. Discover a vibrant environment, a patchwork of pine forests, beech woods, bogs, waterfalls and lakes, to experience days of pure enchantment throughout the four seasons. Just as much a luxury hotel as a guesthouse, Instants d’Absolu inspires guests to daydream and meditate. In the Regional Natural Park of Auvergne Volcanos, north of Périgord, the ecolodge, with its restaurant for which flavor and vitality are sacred, along with its boreal spa, is an otherworldly destination and a firm believer in the idea of becoming one with nature in order to better understand and respect it. As such, it invites guests to rediscover the pure bliss of nature in total wonder. SPECIAL flights from London, Lisbon & Porto, direct to Clermont-Ferrand, an hour’s drive away. GoSee : ecolodge-france.com
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