Entertainment boyband on social media – Robin KATER C/O BOSCHTOBANRAP photographs the ELEVATOR BOYS for BUNTE Quarterly magazine

They thrill millions of followers on social media : The Elevator Boys. These five guys from Germany have become Europe’s biggest internet stars with a few short videos in an elevator. Their faces meanwhile adorn the covers of fashion mags, while they travel to all corners of the globe to meet celebs the likes of Heidi Klum or Brad Pitt.

Robin Kater c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographed a spread with the uber-sweet Elevator Boys – aka influencers…


‘Iranian Solidarity’ : a VOGUE GERMANY Special - 8 women from the cultural landscape on the revolution and their wishes - a film by TANJA HÄRING (Director/DOP) on GoSee

In an interview series, VOGUE Germany presents eight women from the German culture, media and fashion industries. What they have in common is their Persian heritage and their solidarity with the people of Iran. In the interviews, they find words to express their wishes concerning the future of the country. To accompany the printed article, TANJA HÄRING produced these touching films as Director/DOP.

It is a very special project that is close to my heart, and it has been an incredibly impressive experience to meet these women and convey their message in images,” Tanja tells GoSee…

Jonas Huckstorf photographs bird of paradise Riccardo Simonetti for the cover story in SCHÖN! Magazine – styling by Ingo NAHRWOLD c/o BIGOUDI

The homosexual influencer Riccardo Simonetti advocates openly for more tolerance. In 2021, he even founded a nonprofit association called the Riccardo Simonetti Initiative, whose goal is to “provide information and create visibility for marginalized and disadvantaged groups in society.”

Jonas Huckstorf c/o KStiegemeyer photographed jack-of-all-trades Riccardo Simonetti for SCHÖN! Magazine. Responsible for styling was Ingo NAHRWOLD c/o BIGOUDI…

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