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‘Me & U’ - The latest music video for the new song by Nigerian singer and Grammy winner TEMS, shot in Malta as part of a cooperation between North of Now and LS PRODUCTIONS

Temilade Openiyi, better known as Tems, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. She gained fame after appearing on Wizkid’s single ‘Essence’ in 2020, which reached number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 charts following the release of the remix featuring Justin Bieber.

In 2023, Future, Drake and Tems won the Grammy award for the Best Melodic Rap Performance for ‘Wait for U’. That makes Tems the first Nigerian artist to win a Grammy award.

Tems’ new song is entitled ‘Me & U’ and was released in 5 October, 2023. The video to the song was filmed on the island of Malta and was created as part of the cooperation between North of Now and LS Productions.

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Director Tems
DOP Ayinde Anderson
Client RCA Records
Production North of Now
Producer Daniel Yaro, Tristan Tansu (Supervising Producer)
Styling Stella Dunsin Wright, Mh’ya Mclean (Styling Assistant)
Hair Nikki Nelms
Makeup Lake Sanu
Celebrity Tems
Photographer Clifford Prince King Jr
Video Commissioner Camille York, Kayla Jackson (Label Producer), Wale Davies, Bethany Daniel, Grant Sandiford, Sarah Lorentzen, Alexandra Oladimeji, Caleb Mapoma, Rochelle Johnson (Artist Team)
Head of Production Matisse Gaillard, Elizabeth Cook (Production Manager), Laurent Lawson (Creative Assistant), Nathalie Miller (Choreographer)
Production Service LS PRODUCTIONS , Andre Loggenberg (Producer), Chris Bonello (Production Manager), George Galea (Location Manager), Brianna Burt (Business Development Manager)

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‘Protect This House’ - the producers and team players from LS PRODUCTIONS go 100% into defence mode for UNDER ARMOUR and the agency 72 & Sunny

As if it were yesterday… UNDER ARMOUR and the agency 72andSunny are launching a revival of the ‘Protect This House’ campaign – after 20 years. The spot was directed by Jonas Lindstroem, and the DOP was Monika Lenczewska. The team player chosen once again as the production service was LS PRODUCTIONS.

When today’s athletes hit their breaking point, it’s their team that pushes them to keep going. That’s what ‘Protect This House’ is all about. With the help of current and future basketball legends Stephen Curry, Kelsey Plum, Aliyah Boston and Bryson Tucker, Under Armour is bringing back ‘Protect This House.’ These game-changing athletes will represent bold team mentality and show the world what it means to fight for your team.” UNDER ARMOUR.

Everyone has to come back to their roots at some point. And Under Armour is going back to its roots with the revival of ‘Protect This House,’ but evolving it to apply to today. Twenty years later, ‘Protect This House’ is still a rallying cry that ignites a fire within athletes – it’s about believing in yourself, having a sense of pride, and pushing yourself to your limit to accomplish greatness for yourself and your team, both on and off the court.” – Stephen Curry, 4x NBA Champion.

“Ups and Downs. Hard and Soft. Thick and Thin. Live or Die. A story about a team. ‘Protect This House’ for @underarmour starring @oli_verclayton@abduwashington and @mungobridge.” Jonas Lindstroem, Director.

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Director Jonas Lindstroem
DOP Monika Lenczewska
Client Under Armour
Advertising Agency 72 & Sunny
Creative Director Matteo Gallinelli, Guillaume Roukhomovsky
Producer Jean Mougin (Executive Producer) & Simon Eakhurst
Sound Design Ethan Houser for Dirty Soup
Music Raife Burchell (Music Supervisor) & Brian Crosby for Dirtysoupmusic
COORDINATOR Football Coordinators Andy Ansah & Bohdan Pylypchuk

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A distillery rooted in nature … - Actress Gwendoline Christie whisks us away to the home of HIGHLAND PARK WHISKY in ‘Orkney Stories’, a spot produced by LS PRODUCTIONS

HIGHLAND PARK is celebrating nearly a quarter millennium in the whisky making business and invited actress Gwendoline Christie, widely notorious for challenging the norm, to experience their extraordinary home on the island in the northernmost reaches of the United Kingdom. And the production specialists from LS PRODUCTIONS were more than happy to assist the agency Alfred London in realizing this top-notch campaign.

British actress Gwendoline Tracey Philippa Christie became famous the world over through her role as Brienne of Tarth in the television series ‘Game of Thrones’. 1.91m tall and more beautiful than ever, Gwendoline also made an appearance recently as the teacher in the successful Netflix series ‘Wednesday’.

The Highland Park Whisky distillery is located in Kirkwall on the Orkney Island by the name of Mainland in Scotland, United Kingdom. The most northerly whisky distillery in Scotland, it has been owned since 1937 by Highland Distillers plc, which has been part of the Edrington Group since 1999. Also owned by the group besides Highland Park is The Macallan. The distillery itself is one of the most frequently visited destinations in Orkney.

“To bring our short film ‘Orkney Stories’ to life, we invited creative Gwendoline Christie to our Orkney Island home. We visited some of the historical iconic landmarks of the islands to experience the extraordinary nature of Orkney. Explore the locations captured in our film.” HIGHLAND PARK WHISKY.

Orkney is an archipelago consisting of the main island Mainland and around 70 smaller islands which belong to Scotland. It is located to the north of Caithness in view of the northern Scottish coast and separated from it by the Pentland Firth. Only seventeen of the seventy Orkney Islands are actually inhabited so there’s enough space for everyone up in the far north of the United Kingdom. Nestled on the island of Mainland lies the charming capital Kirkwall as well as the picturesque port town of Stromness.

For the ‘Orkney Stories’, Charlie Thomas was responsible for creation and directing. During his impressive career, meanwhile spanning more than 20 years, he has been responsible for marketing and branding for companies in the areas of fashion, art and design, e.g. as Visual Director for Alexander McQueen or even for Stella McCartney.

The spot was produced by Scottish production company LS PRODUCTIONS, which already produces for big names the likes of Valentino or even Bentley, enjoys the trust of Ed Sheeran and also has an otherwise quite impressive client list to show for.

The shoot took place in some of Orkney’s most striking and historical locations, for instance, at Aikerness Beach or The Broch of Gurness. “Aikerness Beach can be found on the northwest coast of mainland Orkney and boasts Caribbean-esque sands and sea, beautifully capturing the rhythm of the islands.” LS PRODUCTIONS.

Alfred London is the global communication agency for the Highland Park Whisky brand and responsible for global communication, consisting of strategy, content creation, brand and talent partnerships as well as events. The strategy and the action program are introduced in the key markets of Highland Park, including the UK, the US, China, France and Germany, and realized in cooperation with local agencies of the brand.

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Director Hannah Lynch
DOP Alex Reid, Tim Allan (1st AC)
Client Highland Park
Advertising Agency Alfred London
Creative Director Charlie Thomas, Greg Collins (Senior Account Director), Emily Levy (Senior Campaign Director), Christian Moehring (Art Director)
Styling Alison O'Brien
Hair Keisuke Terada
Makeup Daniel Sallstrom
Celebrity Gwendoline Christie
Photographer Annabel Elston
Talent Agent Francesca Blackburn & Ryan Molloy (Talent Manager)
Global Brand Sarah Ward, Tom Stacey (Global Assistant Brand Manager), Martin Markvardsen (Senior Brand Ambassador)
Production Service LS PRODUCTIONS Clare Murtagh (LS Producer), Sam Barber (LS Production Manager), Bert Dijkstra (LS Production Assistant)

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