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featured by BIRD PRODUCTION : ARKET S/S 2021 Ocean campaign with styling by Isabelle Thiry c/o BIRD PRODUCTION, realized on the Canary Island of Lanzarote

Isabelle THIRY c/o BIRD PRODUCTION was in charge of styling for the feather-light ARKET S/S 2021 campaign, photographed by Frankiewicz & Rożniata on a beach in Lanzarote. Creation was in the hands of Lucía García Rey, Creative & Art Director at ARKET, and models Valentin Caron & Steffy Argelich were cast by Caroline Alm. Production : ALANA.
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featured by FREDA+WOOLF : Playful, convenient and sustainable – Anouk NITSCHE c/o FREDA+WOOLF photographs Ida Johansson and her kids in the ARKET Baby collection

Anouk NITSCHE c/o FREDA+WOOLF photographed Swedish creative Ida Johansson and her kids in the ARKET Baby collection. Ida is also one of the three founders of Muses of Now: “Muses of Now is a human project aiming to connect, encourage and inspire women from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We want to share a table, create a space and build a platform that connects women who inspire us from our pasts, presents and futures.” Styling: Mafer Navas, make-up: Ruben Marmol, and production: Alana Company.

About – MUSES OF NOW. We are Maria Baños, Ida Johansson and Carine Valette, a creative trio, strong by our multidisciplinary approach and by the conviction that the time for a change of consciousness and social transformation has come. As nomad souls, we see each collaboration as a voyage on which we immerse in the vision of our partners to create and design unique experiences which enlighten their projects through consciousness and sustainability.

We define ourselves as intuitive beings, connected to the on-the-go way of life, in which contrast is a vibrant premise and the opportunity to produce equality while promoting the beauty of differences. Perhaps you would like to launch your business. Perhaps you would like to evolve your art into something beyond. Perhaps you have a creative project to share with the entire world. GoSee
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