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Vocalist and songwriter Marzenka is not an unknown figure to the music scene. Over the years she has collaborated with international artists from Fauna Flash, Ben Mono, Beanfield, The Space Clique, Blue Monkeys, and Sepalot, to name a few. Her influences are singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Carol King, Anita Baker, and Minnie Riperton. Her career started back in 1993 collaborating with producers Levitation. Their song “Home” was featured on Cafe del Mar compilations. Shortly after Marzenka worked with Ibiza legend DJ Pippi on a recording featuring world-renowned pianist Friedrich Gulda. 

From there she began working with DJs around Europe, performing live and freestyling to their DJ sets, capturing her audiences with her vocals and her creativity. Compost Records’ Fauna Flash first worked with Marzenka, as a singer-songwriter, on the track “Morning” for their album Fusion. She was featured on Ben Mono’s track “Moments” which was released on the latest Compost100 compilation as well as his new album Dual. Furthermore, she worked with West London´s broken beat master DOMU on the track "The Way" released on Spinning Wheel Records and she contributed a song to the soundtrack for the movie Nackt together with band Liquid Loop, which was released in 2002.

Liquid Loop and Marzenka went on working together and touring until 2003. They were signed to Warner Chapel Music. Marzenka also made sure to work with Yellowtail aka Hiro in New York City throughout a three-month-stay. Most recently she has worked with Beanfield for their upcoming album (release date TBD). Their first singles, “Alone” and “Bring Me Love”, reached #1 on the DJ Beat Port charts in 2014. Marzenka is currently in the studio working on her first solo album, with the one and only Jan Krause from Beanfield producers Bina from Bauchklang and Franjo Routine of 58 Beats.
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Artist: Marzenka Nowinski