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featured by BUBIG : 2Agenten, Anyday, Emeis Deubel, 70Seven – BUBIG is delighted about NEW members and informs you on GoSee.News about workshops, new board members … and says thank you UPDATE23BERLIN

The German Association of Image Creators – or BUBIG – emerged from the German special-interest association of representatives for photographers and illustrators (RFI e.V.) founded in 1992. At the moment, it is delighted – following a successful UPDATE SALON – about the influx of new members from the areas of illustration, photography, film & production… for instance, 2Agenten, Anyday, Emeis Deubel and 70Seven.

“Participating in UPDATE gave us the perfect opportunity for a constructive exchange. Both within the industry and with the Bubig members who participated. Thank you UPDATE.” Tobias Bosch, BUBIG.

BUBIG is taking this opportunity to tell you about its workshops. Recently, workshops were held on the topics of the use of LinkedIn, AI as well as the presentation of a software manufacturer for tracking image rights violations.

And there are new board members who now support the production area among affiliated members : Andreas Krogmann (Alwayseverything) and Arne Weingart (Lunik) look forward to their new responsibilities.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to join BUBIG. The association sees itself as a voice in Germany and Europe for agencies of photographers and illustrators as well as photo and film production companies. BUBIG represents more than 30 agents and production companies at the moment with its wealth of experience in the areas of photography, film, illustration, animation and production for stills and moving images.

Your benefits as a member : Exchange and coordination between fellow industry professionals on all important topics, free legal consultation and participation in workshops and seminars. And as always – it doesn’t cost anything to ask… !

GoSee : bubig.net
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featured by B&A REPS Germany : ‘Bielefeld, Paris or Madrid’ - the video of punk singer DEINE COUSINE by Director & DOP Wolfgang ZAC c/o B&A Germany feat. TandemRouge™

When Wolfie shot DEINE COUSINE’s album cover, he and the German punk songstress clicked like metal studs and leather. So when she asked him to do the video for her brand new song ‘Bielefeld, Paris oder Madrid’, Wolfie’s only answer was : “You rock, and we’ll roll the film.

Wolfgang ZAC: “Concept, execution, editing, and grading is a 100% ZacLabs creation featuring TandemRogue™ – Wolfie and his creative partner Claudia’s tag-team, Sid and Nancy, two camera shoot style. The song is about having a total punk mentality to life: empty your account, jump in the car, live in the moment, do what you want.

So the first creative decision was to go punk with a self-imposed, minimal budget rule. Beg, borrow and steal everything. And then take a performer who’s only ever been seen in fishnets and Doc Martens, and dress Deine Cousine as a variety of glamorous female archetypes.

With a stylist, a hair and makeup person, and a third on lights, they were given the punk decree: do whatever you want. And so the team created a fashion video in a rough and ready Berlin studio with the wildest hair and makeup, artful lighting, but with vintage clothes from Gucci, Balenciaga, Dior and the like.

Deine Cousine had never imagined being portrayed like this, but in true punk spirit, she said, f*ck it, trusted Wolfie, and was blown away by the final result. Because great adventures on either side of the camera start with the words: Sunglasses on, I’m screaming, window down and middle fingers up… Don’t worry, what would happen if we lose our balance, give me your hand, and I’ll take you with me…”

Starring: Ina Bredehorn | Director + DoP : Wolfgang Zac | 2nd Camera: Claudia Delpin | 1st Camera Assistant + Operator: Sheldon Klopper | DIT: Philipp Maubach | Producer: Arne Weingart | Production Coordinator: Gloria J. Hampel | PA & Driver: Raiko Gehring | Styling: Miriam Diaz @ Nina Klein | Hair & Makeup Artist: Caroline Torbahn @ Nina Klein | BTS: Uschi Roittner | Location: Allmost Studio | Catering: Hampelmousse Catering | Editor: Gregor Lehrl | Color Grading: Daniel Hollerweger | Management: Henrik Wattenbach | Produced by LUNIK.
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LUNIK produces the JACK DANIEL’S campaign ‘Make It Count’ with photographer Wolfgang Zac at indoor summer parties in Berlin

The latest JACK DANIEL’S campaign was produced by LUNIK. The production company tells GoSee: “When JACK DANIEL’S booked photographer Wolfgang Zac for the summer campaign to photograph more of what is known as ‘no bullshit’ photography, it was a sure thing it would be nothing less than bombastic. A little Jack, lots of summery settings and loads of cool outdoor locations in Berlin – what could possibly go wrong? Enter four days with rain of biblical proportion! So we needed a plan B – better, ballistic & badass. Wolfie and the team quickly moved the entire campaign shoot to indoor summer parties and cranked up the summer vibes. New filming locations, amazing talent, special lighting, music on set – let’s go! Because that’s just how Wolfie rolls. The result: Jack loved it! Wolfgang: 1, Team: 1, Summer Rain: 0. Cheers!”
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