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featured by Darius Ramazani : ‘For the U in edUcation’ – ‘Die Duale’ campaign for BMBF and the agency Neues Handeln AG, photographed by DARIUS RAMAZANI

The dual vocational training system is the most common form of vocational education in Germany. It combines on-the-job vocational training with theoretical courses of study at a vocational school.

The cross-media campaign ‘Die Duale’ was photographed by DARIUS RAMAZANI for the agency Neues Handeln on commission for Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The campaign showcases the dual vocational training system as an attractive form of education offering great potential for the future. The range of services consisted of photographing motifs for the ad, media placement and social media. Specific claims and motifs address the two separate target groups of potential apprentices as well as their parents and the social environment of young people during career orientation.

“The dual vocational training system is a successful way to start a career. With more than 300 recognized occupations that require vocational training in Germany, the dual system covers all areas of interest for young people with talents of any kind.” BMBF.

The campaign underscores the importance of well-trained and educated specialists for society in order to meet challenges such as the energy transition and digitalization.

In Germany, the dual vocational training system formally emerged after the passage of the Vocational Training Act of 1969 and is standardized across the country and all industries. Its historical predecessors include the guilds of the middle ages founded in places of trade in 12th century Germany. The guilds established the principle of learning from a master craftsman of a company and in cooperation with experienced co-workers.

“By beginning an education within the dual vocational system, young people are making a good decision for their future. Vocational training today is innovative, international and flexible. Excellently trained, qualified personnel have outstanding career opportunities and are urgently needed to master the energy transition and digitalization.” Bettina Stark-Watzinger, Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Why the campaign is so important at this particular time is certainly owed to the lack of interest to some extent in apprentice positions within the dual system, which was documented in a fact sheet by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection in 2022. According to which the number of new apprenticeship contracts had sunken by 146,400 from 2008 (616,300) until 2022 (469.900). 63,200 registered apprenticeship positions were not occupied in 2021, and 24,600 applicants did not find a position that same year. 

The campaign was produced by Lunik.

GoSee : die-duale.de
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Lunik Berlin Publishers : POP-UP exhibition & book talk - NEW YORK, SIDEWALK CLOSED by Barbara Wolff

Lunik Berlin Publishers presented photos from Barbara Wolff’s book NEW YORK, SIDEWALK CLOSED in a pop-up exhibition by Cyclops.Popup in Berlin’s Sankt Studio. At the opening, Marc Barbey from Collection Regard hosted a book talk with Barbara Wolff and Arne Weingart from Lunik Publishers in Berlin. Attracting a large audience on both days, the exhibition was a complete success.

Following the successful METROPOLIS, BERLIN photo book (Silver German Photo Book Award), Barbara Wolff and Lunik Berlin Publishers recently presented the second photo book, NEW YORK, SIDEWALK CLOSED.

A book that is again dedicated to one of the great cities of the world. Barbara Wolff’s photos were taken during a monthlong stay in New York in June, 2023. In almost timeless black and white photographs, the photographer shows us the New York of now, as a post-pandemic city that is rising after a dark and destructive time. The book is available from LUNIK BERLIN Publishers.

Photo Credits: Barbara Wolff & Markus C. Hurek
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GoSee Tip : Barbara Wolff ‘NEW YORK, SIDEWALK CLOSED’ black & white photographs from New York (2023), appearing at Publishing House LUNIK Berlin

Following the success of the ‘METROPOLIS, BERLIN’ photo book – which received the German Photo Book Award in Silver in 2021/22 – photographer Barbara Wolff and Publishing House Lunik Berlin are now presenting their second photo book, ‘NEW YORK, SIDEWALK CLOSED’.

The photographs were taken during a month-long stay in New York in June, 2023. In almost timeless black and white photographs, the photographer shows us the New York of today, as a post-pandemic city that is rising after a dark and destructive time. For her stay, she chose accommodation in four of New York’s boroughs, enabling her to find perspectives in the transition between different environments. She wandered around the big city with light camera equipment – at times accompanied by local photographers who contacted her through her daily Instagram posts. And precisely these followers pushed her photo stories forward.

A much photographed city, she was nonetheless able to wrest her own images with her very own take on the breadth and depth of New York. Indeed, the precision of her imagery reveals many levels of New York life that goes beyond simple portrayal.

Also depicted in Barbara Wolff’s photography is the dream destination of flocks of tourists juxtaposed with the struggles for survival and hopes of residents. Barbara Wolff shows us poetic moments like the preparation of a marriage proposal against the backdrop of a skyline in the dark smog. Or moments of longing – the gaze of three women on the Staten Island Ferry directed at the southern tip of Manhattan. But she also manages to magically increase density by means of multiple exposures in photos of Grand Central Station or a view of the patterns found in the city by night as seen from Summit One Vanderbilt.

The book, divided into chapters with names such as ‘Marry me’, ‘Welcome to Hell’ or ‘Yes, we can’, thus becomes the very hymn to the city that bears such contradiction within it. The chapters are introduced with an essay by Daniel Blochwitz, who works as a freelance curator and author with a main focus on photography and who lived in New York himself for many years before moving to Switzerland where he lives today.

Barbara Wolff (born 1951) grew up in East Germany and studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig. In 1985, she moved to the Federal Republic of Germany. To this day, she has worked freelance for the Munich-based view camera specialist, Linhof. Her personal photography projects have been exhibited in Berlin, Arles, Vendôme, Geneva, Belém, Brazil and Bordeaux, and are represented in international collections. She lives and works in Berlin.

Lunik Berlin is a book publishing house, formed from the photo production company of the same name. Since 2007, the team has been dedicated to the production of photographs with great passion – publishing books since 2020 at the intersection of art and photography. “We are always in search of exiting projects. You are a photographer, artist or author and want to make your dream of a high-quality fine art book published in a small edition become a reality? Then let’s grab a coffee together!”

144 pages, 21 x 28 cm, 112 b/w photographs in triplex print, thread-stitching,
hardcover with linen, printed at DZA in Altenburg.
The book is available with four different covers.
ISBN 978-3-9822385-1-7, € 49.90 [Germany], € 51.30 [Austria]
LUNIK Berlin Publishing House, 2023  www.verlag.lunik.de
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