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Like few other photographers Markus Mueller knows how to use visual means – depth in particular – to create places that invite discovery. Throughout his work he rejects the obvious and embraces the freely associative.  

Markus Mueller's path to photography was preceded by a detour through the humanities. He began a degree program in history and political science in his hometown of Dresden, but while slogging through dreary texts he discovered his love of images, and decided to leave university and concentrate on photography instead. He first worked as a photographer’s assistant, and later enrolled at Berlin’s Lette Verein school, earning his diploma in 2003. Since then he has lived and worked in Germany’s capital, where his office is now based.

In addition to his art photography, Markus Mueller is known for his sophisticated work in advertising and is an internationally sought-after photographer for clients such as Adidas, Volkswagen, Land Rover, O2, Hornbach, Mercedes-Benz and Panasonic. Even in his commercial projects, Markus Mueller eschews the functional and instrumental and seeks to create timeless, enduring images. He has received numerous awards for his work, including a Clio Award, an Epica Award and a WPPED Cream Award as well as prizes from ADC Germany, ADC Europe, Cannes Lions and D&AD London.



Adidas, Deutsche Bahn, Carlsberg, Walt Disney, Mercedes Benz, Swisscom, Hornbach, Deutsche Post, Levi’s, EDF, Volkswagen, Stern, DHL, Land Rover, O2, HDI-Versicherung, Berliner-Flughäfen, Barmer GEK, Das Handwerk, Pfizer, HUK-Coburg, Stadt Berlin, Skoda, Sanofi-Aventis, Berliner Morgenpost, Metro AG, Panasonic, Migros, Everest Poker, OBI, Henkel, Lotto, Evonik, Hagebaumarkt, Post Finance, Swica, AXA, Coop, OTTO


Luerzer’s Archive „200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide 2018/19“; Cannes Lions, Bronze, 2014; New York Festivals, Finalist Award, 2014; Epica Award, Silber, 2013; ADC Deutschland, 2x Auszeichnung 2013; Client Award, Plakat des Jahres 2013; Jahrbuch der Werbung, Silber 2013; WPPED Cream Award 2012; Cannes Lions, 2x Shortlist 2012; ADC Deutschland, Auszeichnung 2012; D&AD, „in Book“ 2012; Clio Award, Bronze, 2011; ADC Deutschland, Silber, 2010; ADC Deutschland, Auszeichnung, 2010; ADC Europe, Grand Prix, 2009; ADC Europe, Silver, 2009; Jahrbuch der Werbung, Megaphonsieger, 2009; Das Plakat, Silber, 2009; ADC Deutschland, Auszeichnung, 2009; ADC Deutschland, Bronze, 2009; ADC Deutschland, Silber, 2009; ADC Deutschland, Grand Prix, 2009; Die Anzeige, Bronze, 2008; Epica Award, Bronze, 2008; Client Award, 2008