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news | @agi_lotta is the ‘Doll’ – MAGNUS WINTER directs the video for the new song by Berlin band GEWALT

Me as a doll… GEWALT, aka Helen Henfling, Patrick Wagner, Jasmin Rilke and the DM-01 drum computer. Their latest single is ‘Puppe’, which is German for doll. Seemingly dancing for her life in front of the camera of MAGNUS WINTER is @agi_lotta – and we can’t take our eyes off of it. Music not for commercial benefit but as therapy, and if anything at all, then singles and no albums. A bit like Rammstein only better.

SPIEGEL wrote about the unwaveringly noise rockers : “Gewalt are a noisy alien element in the German indie rock landscape: The trio led by former Surrogat singer Patrick Wagner plays music to incite a state of emergency.”

And laut.de comments : “The band Gewalt from Berlin is, however, an exception among all the new rockers and new-old post-punks, due to the fact that Patrick Wagner is the driving force behind it, the very person who was one of the noise mathematicians of the 1990s and 2000s who shaped the German-speaking underground punk scene with Surrogat on the album of...

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