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news Campaign visuals for the MERCEDES EQS count on medium format backplates 📸 and HDR domes from MAGROUND

MAGROUND is delighted to share with you the marketing visuals for the brand-new, all-electric MERCEDES-BENZ EQS : “These visuals were created using virtual production techniques, including medium format backplates 📸 and HDR domes from MAGROUND. The result: outstanding CGI visuals that truly capture the innovative nature of the EQS. Not only is the car itself a big step towards reducing emissions and promoting sustainable transportation in the luxury segment; moreover, the production of these visuals also contributes to a more sustainable future.” MAGROUND tells GoSee.News.

And Maground continues : “Traditional photo productions can be very intensive when it comes to the use of resources, but employing virtual production techniques enables us to significantly reduce the necessary resources and the overall carbon footprint throughout the content production process. Making sustainable practices a part of the marketing strategy not only promotes a greener future, it also sets an...

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