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MAGROUND is the go-to resource for exclusive imagery to create outstanding marketing visuals for the automotive industry. 
Founded in 2007, MAGROUND became a worldwide leader, enabling brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche, Kia, Toyota, and many more to produce advertising campaigns, catalogs, and interactive content.

With more than 1 Million background images from around the world,
MAGROUND is a solid solution for creating visual content at scale. Also with tight budgets, and timings.

Beyond any “classic” photo stock,
MAGROUND has proven itself as a trusted partner in a modern production workflow. From implementing 3D-Objects with the help of the most extensive 360° HDRi database to creating full CG virtual environments for online experiences to organizing worldwide on-demand photo shootings.

With offices around the globe
MAGROUND and its massive network of over 400 professional photographers, not only ensures the “German” efficiency, high design, and quality standards but also helps to reduce the carbon footprint that is inevitable with traditional production methods.