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MAGROUND supports the FIAT ABARTH 500E campaign with backplates and HDR domes

When it comes to creating compelling and realistic automotive visualizations, MAGROUND is the go-to address for exclusive images. They recently had the opportunity to collaborate with FIAT Abarth and delivered high-quality image content for marketing visuals of the new 500e.

The challenge : Fiat Abarth was set to launch their new 500e, an electric vehicle – combining the iconic design of the brand with sustainable mobility. To do so, they needed eye-catching visual content that would not only showcase the design of the cars, but was also in sync with the brand’s sustainability commitment while touching upon the dynamic motorsport heritage of Abarth.

The MAGROUND solution : As an online image stock agency specializing in background images and 360° HDR domes for automotive visualizations, MAGROUND was in the perfect spot to give Fiat Abarth exactly what they needed.

“We provided a selection of high-quality backplates and HDR domes from our extensive archive, offering a variety of camera angles and locations from around the world.” Maground.

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PORSCHE 718 CAYMAN GT4 RS meets LAKE EL MIRAGE - the cooperation between post production company FIXIP and MAGROUND for you on GoSee.News

MAGROUND teamed up with Los Angeles-based studio FIXIP to stage the 718 Cayman GT4 RS in front of the desert landscape of Lake El Mirage.

“For a deeper dive into the entire content of this production and to appreciate the nuances of this epic location, see the full production on our website.” MAGROUND.

El Mirage Lake is a dry lake bed in the north-western Victor Valley of the central Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, California.

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BYD partners with MAGROUND

Recognizing the power of impactful imagery, BYD, the renowned automaker, has recently partnered with MAGROUND, the leading online image stock agency, known for its high-quality background images and 360° HDR domes tailored to automotive visualizations.

This collaboration is prominently showcased in the marketing campaign for the new BYD Dolphin. The EV manufacturer from China is just entering the European market with its successful and innovative electric car models.

BYD Co. Ltd., founded in 1995, is a publicly traded Chinese conglomerate manufacturing company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The company has two major subsidiaries : BYD Auto and BYD Electronic. BYD Company Ltd. manufactures automobiles, buses, electric bicycles, trucks, forklifts, solar panels, and rechargeable batteries. It is the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer and has also grown to become a major manufacturer in the automotive industry. On 3 April, 2022, BYD announced its plans to discontinue production of combustion engine vehicles and focus only on electric vehicles.

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