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featured by Jeff Ludes : CHEVROLET SUVs 2020 and snow-covered, year-end 2020 landscapes in Wyoming – JEFF LUDES wishes you a wonderful start in the New Year 2021!

Here’s a look at the two projects from JEFF LUDES that bookended a very strange year. He shot the first one in the early days of 2020, before masks and lockdowns, for CHEVROLET and the carmaker’s full-size SUV duo, the Tahoe and Suburban. Jeff’s own city of Los Angeles was the location of choice, with its flavor of winter weather providing plenty of sunshine.

From then on, things got a little bumpy, with plenty of ups and downs. Soon enough, Jeff Ludes and his team worked out the best practices for producing a shoot safely and intelligently, and have been shooting pretty much non-stop ever since.

Jeff’s last project of 2020 is a personal one – a trip across the snowy landscapes of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in a vintage Porsche 911 Turbo. The car is a little hard to come by, so GoSee member MAINWORKS provided CGI renderings and fully polished the images. Jeff Ludes: “A warm welcome to 2021!”
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featured by Marc Trautmann : MARC TRAUTMANN stages the new Bentley Flying Spur in New York City for Keko London – a majestic masterpiece of design and performance shot in one of the most thrilling and exciting cities

The new Flying Spur is a unique combination of sporty dynamics and modern craftsmanship with cutting-edge design. The clear lines, flowing contours and balanced proportions of the new Flying Spur make for a sophisticated appearance. MARC TRAUTMANN photographed the new campaign for KEKO London between skyscrapers and urban canyons in New York City. Creative Direction was in the hands of Iain Ross, and the agency producer was Sam Henshaw.

“The new Bentley Flying Spur global imagery was photographed and produced in New York City. The car was rendered via CGI, and post production was taken care of by MAINWORKS. All shots were tracked via a virtual rig. The breathtaking architecture and atmosphere of one of the most thrilling cities in the world served as the perfect stage for this majestic car which is designed for maximum performance.” MARC TRAUTMANN tells us about the production.

“The brief was to show the emotion, power, and majesty of the new Flying Spur in the images.⁠ We are presenting the imperial blue car in downtown New York City and the Silver Tempest Spur on major roads between cities.⁠ Two different varnishes, two trim levels – all visualized via CG technology. These images are used mainly in the new brochure for the Flying Spur,” the team from MAINWORKS adds.
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Gaming without compromises – MAINWORKS GMBH and photographer Per Schorn produce the OMEN campaign for Global Player HEWLETT PACKARD

Photographer Per Schorn and post production company MAINWORKS produced once again for the  latest OMEN campaign. Omen is the gaming and esports unit of Hewlett Packard, one of the  largest American PC and printer manufacturers. Per photographed the series with influencers and e-gamers including Sjokz, Frankie, Marckoz HD, LeFloid, Croix, and Mojo in Berlin, Frankfurt and Prague. Jeremy Joel Josy (Head of Global Marketing, Gaming and Esports of HP) from the client and the creatives Ben and Robbin from the agency Mediamonks put together the image selection – and that in only a few hours after shooting. To meet the tight schedule, MAINWORKS already began to post-produce the first photos while Per was still photographing. “All in all, 67 photos were selected and had to be finished within two months after the first shots.” MAINWORKS tells GoSee.

HP on the OMEN series: “HP Omen Notebooks stand for gaming without compromises. An OMEN by HP Notebook offers everything that a gaming notebook needs. Strong processors like the Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 CPUs, 8 GB RAM or even 32 GB. GeForce graphic cards with 4 to 8 GB RAM. And HDD drives with up to 1024 GB storage as well as SSD drives with up to 512 GB. The spacious 15” or 17” display shows gameplay in Full HD, some even in Ultra-HD with 120 Hz. An additional HD display can be connected. Slim with a weight between 2.2 and 3.78 kg, OMEN by HP Notebook is perfect for gamers on the go. Whether for a game after work on a business trip – or at a LAN party.” GoSee: hp.com///c-omen-by-hp-gaming-notebooks

Head of Global Marketing, Gaming and Esports HP: Jeremy Joel Josy
Executive producer: Lauren Becker
Lead Films producer: Lennart Deen
Lead producer: Cecilia Carmona
Account Director: Timea Vegh
Creative Director: Ben Philips
Creative: Robbin Runsten

Photographer: Per Schorn
Production Frankfurt: Moodwillig, Nadja Dragovic
Styling: Jeanine Fettig
Set Design: Hendrik Zimmer
Make-up Artist: Ellen Swiezy

Photographer: Per Schorn
Production: Uwe Hetzner
Styling: Julius Fargo
Make-up Artist: Viola Finkenrath
Set Design: Matthias Leton

Photographer: Per Schorn
Production via Film: Milk & Honey Films

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