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featured by Sallyhateswing : In- & outdoors with up-and-coming male model Philip AdomakoSALLYHATESWING presents you the editorial ‘Gone Fishing’, photographed for ICONIC Management

ICONIC is a leading German, internationally esteemed model agency headquartered in Berlin. Since 2006, it has pursued the targeted strategic marketing of internationally renowned top models. Further focus is on the personal management of new faces as well as their start in a successful international career in modeling. 

The in- & outdoor editorial for ICONIC Management with up-and-coming French model Philip Adomako from Düsseldorf was photographed by Sallyhateswing with stylist Louisa Minhorst and H&M artist Julia Flader.
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featured by Sallyhateswing : The first ice cream with a clear concience – NOMOO, the vegan ice cream, with a lifestyle campaign by SALLYHATESWING on GoSee

Who needs sugar, milk or flavor enhancers when you can have a juicy mango or real vanilla? NOMOO relies exclusively on natural ingredients, which customers understand without having to study chemistry. The only additive allowed is a spoon! From the plant-based, 100% natural and less sweet recipe to plastic-free packaging and a positive climate footprint – NOMOO is good for you and for the environment. SALLYHATESWING photographed the motifs, with which the company is now advertising its ice cream.

Posing for the camera are Doreen Opoku @Modelwerk and Emilie Streckies @Hermanagement, styling & set styling by Maison Musitowski, make-up by Melanie Bulu @Ninaklein, the video by Sandro Liman, assistance from Jan-Hendrik Dreyer, and retouch by Yvonne @thevisualcraftroom.
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