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news ‘No matter what happens, if you have family, you feel happy…’ - Elliott WILCOX c/o MAKING PICTURES photographs British actor Raff Law for the cover spread in GQ Hype

Elliott WILCOX c/o MAKING PICTURES photographed British actor and producer Raff Law for the cover of GQ Hype. Rafferty Law is the son of legendary actor Jude Law and Sadie Frost. He was recently cast for the lead role in Sky’s modern adaption of the classic Oliver Twist. And is slowly but unstoppably making his way out of his smart father’s overwhelming shadow.

GQ Hype writes : “Watching ‘The Hat’, the 2020 short film starring Raff and Jude Law, the first thing you notice is just how much the 24-year-old actor looks like his father. It shouldn’t really be the most remarkable thing about the short by Darren Strowger, the partner of Raff Law’s mother, Sadie Frost, which was shot on an iPhone during the first lockdown (with a musical score by The Who’s Pete Townshend and all proceeds going to charity). Honestly, though, it’s impossible to push the observation aside.” … Read the complete interview by Kathleen Johnston with the smart new kid on the block on GQ. Styling: Angelo Mitakos...

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