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News // 11 News by Manuel Ferrigato

MANUEL FERRIGATO photographs the brand campaign ‘Outer Peace’ with mountain guide Pauli Trenkwalder for the outdoor specialist ARC’TERYX

The power of nature – a brand campaign for Arc’teryx, photographed by Manuel FERRIGATO c/o NEUBAUER SCHWARZ.

For the brand campaign ‘Outer Peace’ of outdoor clothing manufacturer ARC’TERYX, Manuel FERRIGATO c/o NEUBAUER SCHWARZ accompanied his friend, the mountain guide and psychologist Pauli Trenkwalder, to his homeland, the mountains surrounding the Pflertschtal valley. The testimonial is centered around the power of nature – immersion in the silence, experiencing how it is to be on one’s own, forced to rely on one’s own resources, but also feeling a deep connection.

The campaign message is an invitation to discover nature as a source of strength in our own day-to-day routines. Precisely what Trenkwalder’s mountain tours are about. His clients experience the mountains as a place for reflection and encountering one’s self, but also as a place of refuge from the challenges of everyday life. Manuel’s photos draw a sensitive portrait of this encounter between humans and the mountains.

Arc’teryx is a Canadian outdoor clothing manufacturer founded in 1989 in North Vancouver, British Columbia, and is today owned by Amer Sports, the world’s largest company for outdoor apparel.

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MANUEL FERRIGATO photographs the mobility campaign ‘Get Movin’ for local and regional transportation in Baden-Württemberg on commission for creative agency Panama

Manuel Ferrigato photographed the latest mobility campaign ‘Get Movin’ for local and regional railway transportation in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The campaign is aimed at promoting local and regional transportation systems in the state of Baden-Württemberg, which is marked by a strong automotive industry, and by doing so, contribute to a new and more eco-friendly mobility culture in the long run.

The campaign was developed by Stuttgart-based creative agency Panama. The focus: raising awareness for the umbrella brand ‘bwegt’, or ‘Movin’, and getting people slowly but surely to reevaluate their preferred means of transportation and change it long term.

Thomas Schatton, Managing Director of Panama, explains : “With the campaign ‘Get Movin’, we are asking people to rethink their mobility habits, whether they’re commuting or in their spare time. At the same time, the campaign shows what the brand has to offer in an emotionally and relatable way. And what does the increased recognition tell us? We nailed it!”

Baden-Württemberg is the third-largest German state and is located in the south of the country, bordered on Switzerland and France. Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are both headquartered in the capital Stuttgart. Baden-Württemberg is the German state with the highest exports (2021), the second-lowest unemployment rate (April 2022), and the fourth-highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita (2021) as well as the most patents pending per capita (2021).

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MANUEL FERRIGATO photographs the SOUTH TYROL TOURISM campaign ‘Your Place is Here’ in the most beautiful Fall colors for IDM lead agency Carl Nann

In fall 2022, the campaign ‘Your Place is Here’ for the South Tyrol tourism specialists was continued. And MANUEL FERRIGATO too holds a firm spot meanwhile as a photographer for IDM. For the second consecutive time, the South Tyrolean has had the pleasure of staging his homeland photographically – now in the most beautiful fall colors. The Fall/Winter motifs were created at classic popular tourist destinations as well as in one or two insider tips of the region.

In each motif, locals from South Tyrol symbolically save a spot for guests – an invitation to join them. The campaign was developed in cooperation with Carl Nann – the lead agency for IDM South Tyrol, and post production came from BLINK IMAGING.

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