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MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER : Employee portraits for KFW BANK Frankfurt and the agency Personalwerk

On commission for KFW Bank and in cooperation with personnel marketing agency Personalwerk, MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER and team took it to the headquarters of KFW in Frankfurt. The campaign was photographed there in the company’s own office space together with selected employees to ensure utmost authenticity.

The rooms were aligned to the light so they would perfectly match the backplates afterwards. The photos were then combined at Dock2 in Hamburg and visually adjusted. The result: captivating scenes with unconventional perspectives.

GoSee : marcussauer.com
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MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER with the brand-new BMW M340i x Drive Touring on the road in the Alps

With the brand-new M340i X Drive Touring, it was off to the local mountains of the Alps once again for Marcus Philipp Sauer. “Between Reutte and the region around the Zugspitze, there are so many cool locations. Photographing can be so easy and effective,” Marcus tells GoSee. Post was taken care of together with Ulf Canton from Hamburg.

The first BMW M3 Competition Touring with M xDrive combines the outstanding performance of a BMW M3 with the flexibility and functionality of a Touring. Alongside exclusive design highlights on the exterior and interior, the BMW M340i xDrive Touring and the BMW M340d xDrive Touring boast a balanced range of performance, comfort and efficiency.
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MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER photographs for the MERCEDES BENZ G-CLASS MANUFAKTUR in the mountains of Tyrol (agency: Banauten)

For MERCEDES BENZ and the agency Banauten, MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER and his team were on the road in the mountains of Tyrol where he had the pleasure of demonstrating what the G Class is capable of – in snow and rain, it left everyone and everything behind. The G MANUFAKTUR is an exclusive individualization program of Mercedes-Benz developed solely for the icons among all-terrain vehicles.

With model Christina Zimmermann, it was off to the award-winning Tyrol Tower House chalet built by Grünecker Reichelt + Holzrausch, among other places. The house is based on regional design, integrating characteristic features which it reinterprets.

Post production of the motifs was taken care of by GoSee Member TREY in Hamburg.

GoSee : daimler.com & marcussauer.com
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