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news featured by David Breun `El Cabo´ - Transportation specialist DAVID BREUN whisks you away to Andalusia with the BMW X2

A one-stop shop for photo and film – realized in under two days in a nature reserve in Andalusia with the BMW X2 in the lead role. Behind the camera was transportation specialist DAVID BREUN. And in front of his camera stood Berlin-based male model Hugh Kwofie.

The Cabo de Gata Nature Park is known above all for its breathtaking landscape and for its picturesque villages. Cabo de Gata is of volcanic origin and Andalusia’s first maritime and terrestrial protected area, which was declared a biosphere reserve in 1997 by the UNESCO. It spans 37,500 hectares of land and more than 12,000 hectares under water, of which a total of 63 kilometers are considered the best-preserved regions of the Western Mediterranean.

David is now represented by Markenfilm Photo, and personally by Manja Tai von Mutzenbecher.

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